Saturday, 3 December 2016

Milk Train Cafe London - Ice Cream on a Cloud

There has been images of ice cream, on a cloud, floating around on social media. Intrigued by it, I went to check out the ice cream cafe that sells them in Convent Garden, London.

What you get is an ice cream, covered in good stuff, wrapped in candy floss. I got the Hojicha (roasted green tea) flavoured ice cream. It has popcorn, panda biscuits, oreo cookies, wafer stuck to the ice cream, and it was smothered in chocolate sauce. It is highly calorific but you know what... I regret nothing. It was sooo tasty! Quite messy to eat, the chocolate sauce went everywhere. Mostly on the floor. You can't really see the sauce dripping down because of the cloud, I mean candy floss.

Other ice cream selection: vanilla, matcha, black sesame. I think you can pick your toppings too.

Have you tried out this place, or if you are not from the UK, do you have something similar at home? I would love to know!

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