Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Aussie Hair Collection Review

I've always wanted to review my Aussie hair collection. First of all, yes I may have went overboard when buying the hair products, considering I had only tried the deep treatment at the time. It was definitely the scent that made me want to repurchase. I absolutely love the smell of Aussie products. Ps. before I decided to review it yes I have finished using EVERYTHING!

I will not go into detail of every product individually. I feel they are quite similar anyway. Firstly as I mentioned I really like the scent. It smells delicious like bubble gum! And the scent stays in your hair all day. Some scents make me feel sick after a while but I've never felt this way about Aussie products. The smell actually calms me and I like that it lingers.

This product contains jojoba-seed oil which moisturises the scalp to help treat or prevent dandruff. I don't have dandruff but I do have a dry scalp so in the winter time I get some dry flakes. I can say that the products don't aggravate it. Some shampoo dries my scalp even further and thankfully Aussie products doesn't do that.

It tames some of my frizz without it looking greasy, well to some extent. I have this problem I haven't been able to solve. I basically have different hair textures. I have some curls, some wavy, and then some straight strands of hair. Some coarse, some thin almost like baby hair, and some in-between. Certain strands of hair likes to do its own thing. It's got life on its own. I haven't found a fix for this so if you have any advice please do share! In the cold weather I have static hair (especially after I straighten it) and the Aussie products have helped control my static hair.

So in conclusion is it a life changing product? Not really. But for the scent of the product I will repurchase. Have you tried any Aussie Hair products?

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