Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The East India Company London

Yes, I'm one of those people who get way too excited for Christmas. I will hunt for anything Christmassy in order to create the ultimate Christmas experience. I need to feel it, smell it and taste it.

Speaking of taste... I picked up from Harrods the Vanilla & Cinnamon Christmas Coffee from The East India Company -- the signature Director’s Blend of Java, Colombian and Brazilian beans infused with warming cinnamon and vanilla to create a well-balanced, full-bodied cup. It is divine!

And as you know chocolate and coffee makes the most sublime combination. So I picked up 2 bars: Governor Bombay Chai (chocolate with a hint of cinnamon, pepper and ginger. SO TASTY) and Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (it has a hint of cardamom). Like that I was totally satisfied.

The East India Company products has the most gorgeous packaging. Great as Christmas presents or for a little self indulgence! For your information Harrods is selling the coffee £4-5 more expensive in their shop... So it may be wiser to visit their own branch to pick up some goodies. Bit of a bummer when I found out but hey at least I got to see Santa outside Harrods ;).

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