Monday, 28 November 2016

Scandinavian Christmas Market London 2016

Moving away from Hyde Park Winter Wonderland (which I talked about in my last post) whilst keeping my Christmas spirit high I had to visit the Scandinavian Christmas market! There were many stalls selling Scandinavian treats -- located near the Norwegian and Finnish Church in Rotherhithe, London. These items you will not find in Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

Got my glögg! You might ask, does it taste any different? Slightly stronger in alcohol than your average mulled wine. It often includes aquavit, cardamom, and dried fruit. You can buy your own little spices here so you can make your very own Scandinavian mulled wine.

There were many cute Norwegian stalls. I was very excited when I saw one selling waffles. Waffles are big in Scandinavia. They are thinner, less sweet and more crispy. A must try!

I didn't get any Swedish meatballs but I was lured over by the smell.

Here was inside of the Norwegian Church. Entrance costs £1 and you get to see some more sweet surprises. There was a cafe and many more stalls inside.

If you haven't noticed, it reads "second best salmon soup". Well, at least they're honest!

A stall selling Norwegian sweets. 
The people here were very friendly and they let you try out all the different sweets!

Moomin spotted!

Unfortunately, it was very short this year and the market has already ended. They are here every year so be sure to mark your calendars for next year! There are a few Scandinavian markets open throughout the year too so be sure to check it out.

Have you ever been or would you consider visiting the Scandinavian Christmas Markets? 

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