Sunday, 27 December 2015

Innisfree Pomegranate Face Mask Review

To my dearest readers

I apologise for the long long hiatus. Just a brief update - I am currently in Asia, I am absolutely LOVING it here. No more online shopping for asian beauty products as I can conveniently buy it walking down the street -humble brag-. I haven't done a review in the longest time but today after I used this mask and gosh I need to make a review about it.

Innisfree is a Korean brand. They use a lot of Korean celebrities as endorsers. With the mass advertisement it's hard not to walk into their shop and have a browse. I picked up some of their masks. What I like most about it is the thin material that fits so well on the face. Usually with masks you see some bubbles of air despite pressing it with your fingers. This mask doesn't do this. It's very saturated with the serum. It feels so nice on the skin! My skin has been really good here, I have no idea why. But I have been using these masks a lot, 3-4 times a week. These are super cheap as well. -happy bunny-

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