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Missha Time Revolution Set Review

The Time Revolution skincare set is from Missha, a popular Korean skincare and cosmetics manufacturer and retailer. Revolution has claims to work on three areas: base, balance and bounce.

Base (Strengthening skin barrier)
-Cold fermented concentrated liquid yeast
Containing cold fermented concentrated liquid yeast rich in amino acid, it helps firm skin barrier and foundation tightly and make radiant skin with a natural glow.
Balance (Strengthening balance of skin energy)
-Fermented vitamin tree ingredient
Containing fermented vitamin tree ingredient with full of vitality, it helps balance energy of aging skin and make it healthy and vitalized.
Bounce (Strengthening elasticity of skin)
-Complex lactic acid fermented ingredient

It contains 3 lactic acid fermented ingredients: Bifida, Lactobacillus and Lactococcus. These help to strengthen elasticity of sagging and loosened skin and claims to make skin more smooth, "bouncy" and youthful.

Missha has really impressed me with their packaging. The Revolution skincare set came in a beautiful shiny gold box with some fine details printed on it.

The set comes with 3 of Missha's bestsellers - the first treatment essence; night repair serum and the perfect youth cream - along with 3 adorable travel size versions plus an eye cream. The full size products are made with glass so you do have to be careful in case you drop it and shatter the glass. The miniature size on the other hand is made of plastic so it's more travel friendly.  

I have been using this as a 3 (sometimes 2) step skincare routine. 

Leaflets introduces the skincare line, mostly in Korean but some English too.

I will shamelessly admit that I sometimes neglect this step solely because I am lazy (hence why a 2 step skincare routine rather than 3 step). When I do apply it, I usually have some cut up cotton pads ready and soak it in this essence then apply it over my face. There is no particular reaction to my face (e.g. some are minty etc) it feels like dabbing water on to my face using a cotton pad.

I apply this serum on my face at night time just before applying my moisturiser. Absorption is fast, I wait a few seconds then carry on with my next skincare routine product i.e. my moisturiser.

Time Revolution Perfect Youth Cream is a lifting and radiance cream containing enriched and fermented essential ingredients to make firm, radiant, youthful skin. Contains cold fermented concentrated liquid yeast, complex lactic acid fermented ingredient, and fermented vitamin tree ingredient for wrinkle care and brightening benefits.

The moisturiser comes in a red glass jar. The texture is thick but it still absorbs into the skin fairly quickly and it doesn't leave you feeling oily. I do not have any visible fine lines on my face (yet - touchwood) to notice any effect in that respect. Nonetheless, I still like to wear anti-wrinkle creams because I think prevention is key. So in terms of reducing wrinkles I cannot quite comment on it but I do feel like it has brightened my face. In terms of moisturising effect, it does not leave my skin super hydrated, sometimes I still get dry patches especially in the winter months wear I need an even more moisturising cream or I wear a lot of sheet face masks to improve this. I live in the UK where it gets very drying in the winter but it depends on your climate and how your skin reacts in that climate.

I have been liking the Missha Time Revolution skincare set and have been using it for about 2 months straight. My skin is less dry in the summer so despite the fact that the moisturiser doesn't prevent dry skin patches it is still a good moisturiser and feel that it is adequate care for my skin for this season. 

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