Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My Last Haul

My Sasa order has arrived! I've not done a haul in a while so I thought I would show you what I've bought recently from

Assorted False Eyelashes - JS-688
DOLLY WINK Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)
DOLLY WINK False Lower Lashes (No. 14 Natural Cute)
DOLLY WINK False Lower Lashes (No. 13 Baby Girl)
DOLLY WINK Eyelash (No. 2 Sweet Girly)
DOLLY WINK Eyelash Fix
CLASSIC CARE Facial Treatment Essence
ANTI-AGE Signs Eye Mask (14 piece)
CLASSIC CARE Facial Treatment Mask (10 piece)
Most are Dolly Wink products because I worship the brand and even just by looking at the packaging makes me happy! The power of Tsubasa Masuwaka lol. XD My order came to $251USD (~ £160), but I was also charged customs. Bleh. But overall I'm still pleased with my order.

This isn't the first time I have been charged customs duty so it's not new to me but it has been the most I have had to pay so far. I have ordered from Sasa 5 times previously (this is my 6th order) and never got charged customs. This time I got stung quite hard so I guess it makes up for the times I got away with it!

When and Why Do you Have to Pay Customs Charge?
Any item you import outside of the EU and is over £16 will risk of being charged customs duty. It looks like more or less every order made in the past few months from Sasa where the buyer lives in the UK is caught up in custom charges. It really depends on where you live, sometimes you get lucky like the 5 times for me but I think they have just become more strict especially now that the UK economy is still struggling.

Customs charge has nothing to do with the company but the laws of your own country. So if you don't want to be charged customs you must understand the laws and regulations, which differs from country-to-country. I know must people like to stock up. I'm one of them. Who can limit themselves to buying less than £18 for one order that comes from the other side of the world? You might as well buy more while you're at it. Sasa doesn't always offer free shipping or the free shipping is only available when you buy over $75USD which then means you risk of custom charges. You can't win around it and Sasa won't help you either.

Part of Sasa's policy states:
Customs & Tax
When ordering from you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all the laws and requirements of the country in which you are receiving the items. Your orders may be subject to import duties and/or taxes and any additional charges for custom clearance must be borne by you. has no control over these charges and does not assume responsibility for the ordered goods meeting local customs laws and/or duties and taxes.
Custom policies vary widely from country to country, and you should contact your local customs office for further information.
When you pressing “continue” to place your order, this assumes you have accepted the responsibility for the import duties and/or tax, additional charge and Import Trade Declaration for custom clearance. If you have not been able to complete this statement of the aforementioned and the package is subsequently returned to, you will be responsible for the return shipping charges and a re-stocking fee of 15% of the total product purchase price. The balance will then be refunded back to you.
NOTE: As import duties and/or taxes and any additional charges for custom clearance must comply with the laws and requirements of the country, we MUST provide the product value for the customs clearance. In addition, some of the countries requested to attach the product details with value outside the parcel, thus, we will NOT amend the product value in any circumstances

It's understandable for them to state this in their policy as most companies do. You probably would have been quoted more if you bought from elsewhere because Sasa has the best prices for asian products. - Website Review
I'm expecting this to be my last Sasa order (*coughs* if I can control myself). I should support the UK and EU businesses so I'm going to be rounding up Sasa the whole experience and the pros and cons of shopping online at Sasa.

The Bad..
The packaging. The thing that annoys me most about Sasa is that they have limited themselves to the same one size outer packaging box. It doesn't matter if you order just one set lashes (which I did once do; it was 2 pairs actually) they will still post it in the same, large, exaggerated box.. And then the rest of the parcel will be filled with packing peanuts which is a nuisance to pick up once they scatter around everywhere, and also not very environmental friendly since they don't use the biodegradable soluble types.

Out of stock products. Now I've complained for so long about this matter I feel that it's slightly improved because before it used to take weeks and weeks and weeks for a popular item to get back in stock they have improved in a way but not enough to make me feel impressed by.

Their reviews. It can be unreliable. Sasa reviews are all monitored before they are published. There is one thing I found out about Sasa which is quite sneaky. They don't allow reviews with less than 3 stars. I read this on a blog and later tried it out myself, I left a review with 1 star and it was declined however I did this a long time ago so I hope they have changed that. You wouldn't find a bad review in the past. You can now see one/two star products but they aren't actually reviewed I believe it's just computerised randomly.

The Good..
Competitive prices. Of course not the same as HK but still cheapest online. If you live in east asian you might get it for cheaper but it doesn't apply to most of us, unless you're on holiday there. The prices do however inflate just slightly when it's in demand.

Wide range of asian products available. is a good place to shop for their selection of products. There are a lot of Japanese products, Taiwanese products, and some Korean too. My favourite Dolly Wink brand, K-Palette, SK-II, Kose are all bought from there.

Reputable company. The company is legit, no fake products; you can buy with confidence.

Quick and efficient order processing. It usually takes 2-5 days for them to process your order and dispatch. I think that is pretty good. It takes one week for it to arrive here (longer this time because of customs - but only by a day because they sent me a letter instead of my package). Still very decent.

To conclude, I will always love Sasa but the online shopping journey ends here. Although it's unlikely I hope that one day Sasa will come to Europe. After all, western countries are catching on with bb creams at the moment so I don't see why not. It may take a long time but I do wish they would introduce more asian products to the western market.


Xin said...

Your haul is very lovely! I love all the things u get^^ I hate paying customs too... but I have to pay them everytime I bought from sasa so far lol so you are still lucky XD

Bunny said...

Xin: Yeah, I heard other EU countries are worse when it comes to customs. And it can be stuck in customs for weeks! Mine was only a couple of days. I feel for you babe ~

LemonberryLulu said...

Love all the falsies you got~ what's in those SK-II boxes? It sucks that you have to pay so much for customs :( I don't know how customs works in the US but if I had to pay for it every time I ordered something from overseas I would go nuts >.>

Jen said...

I have yet to pay customs fees here in NZ but it's most likely because I don't buy anything that exceeds $100USD. I did not know about sasa being selective with their approved reviews!! >:( I hope that is fixed, and I agree with the packaging, very wasteful! Idk about the competitive prices though, everything's gone up since my first order (by like $2 i think) - still the cheapest online but it's sad they've increased the prices ><

Krissy ~ said...

ooo i've been debating whether to buy from or not! thanks for the pros and cons! so tempting to buy everything on the site!
Krissy xoxo ~

3H7 said...

I avoided custom charges by waiting for free shipping from Sasa. I split my order so it does not go over 50 LOL! I hate being hit with that stuff! Nice purchases, envying right now *__*

Sheri said...

I quite like SASA and the things you got look good!

I was happy with my recent SASA order :) You can see my haul post on my blog:

Airi said...

Again, that really sucks about the customs!! :( Thank you for explaining it though~ One thing I can appreciate about the US, hehehe.

SK-II! Fancy smanshy! You must have amazing skin, hahaha~

Smileblossom114 said...

thank you so much i live in the UK so this is very helpful, i think i should really wait til next time i go to HK to buy what i want, what other sites did you have to pay customs for?

Smileblossom114 said...

does custom fee only apply when there is shipping fee? does it mean that if it is free shipping then there will be no custom fee?

Tulip Love said...

Amazing haul! But how unlucky that you were charged customs >_<

I have that set of jealousness falsies too! I've yet to try more than one or two of the pairs though.

Yep, I'm not too fond of the sasa peanuts filling! It's hard to dispose of...

Blueli♥ said...

Wowww it se so goooooooood!!:d

MissFeelo said...

Thanks for writing this, it's very thorough! I didn't realize about the review thing though that makes sense. I tend to not rely too much on reviews listed on site for that very reason. Looks like you got a bunch of great stuff!

Alex said...

whoaaa 250$ at sasa? that's a lottt! i've never actually purchased anything from sasa but i have also heard the same thin about them too. and ew, customs T_T the fact that they (used to?) screen their reviews is SUPER annoying. the circle lens store does the same thing and goes as far as deleting comments on their facebook when the person is complaining about how they have not received emails back or news of their product being shipped even though their site advertises 48hr shipments and stuff. business is quite shady.

but it's good that they are reputable! i definitely hear them on the radio and there are some sasa stores around my area! i agree, i hope there will be more asian products in the west! our skincare and skin are very different!

celebrate with us! Join our 1 yr anniversary giveaway!

alex @

ATH said...

Ouch :S I have a cart full of products ready to process but now I want to make sure double check Australia's custom policies. Thank you for the heads up!

Great haul btw, I love the lashes :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I'd probably buy that stuff just for the cute pachaging. ♡

Bunny said...

LemonberryLulu: It's face masks and eye masks in the SK-II boxes^^ Yeah it'll be so annoying~! T.T

Jen: I would be so happy if it was $100usd! but it's about 25usd here then you'll pay customs. :< Yeah the prices increase by a few dollars when it's popular and I think it's automatically when the page receives a lot of hits :(. Best way is to go to Hong Kong or something to buy it then!

Krissy: Lol yeah so many nice products there *OO*

3H7: LOL good idea! I shall wait until the next free shipping from Sasa. :3

Sheri: Okay will check it out right now :)

Airi: yeah! I wish I live in the US now LOL. I don't think my skin is great because I don't live a healthy lifestyle and always sleeping late, eating junk etc not good for great for the skin ~ not good for my body either . _.

Smileblossom114: I'm glad you find this useful! Any website outside of the EU you might have to pay customs for. Doesn't really matter about the shipping fee, it's if you purchase something of the value £16 or over you might need to pay customs^^

Diana said...

I didn't know that this store existed!
I really wanted to try Japanese/Korean makeup produtcs, but it's been hard to find a nice place to get them, specially because of shipping and taxes. I'm kinda scared of ebay because of the fake bb cream problem.
I'll look around that website.
And nice haul! I would tove to try Dolly Wink eyeliner as well.