Sunday, 29 July 2012

Glossybox July 2012

I finally got my box this month. After receiving a dispatch notice I waited and anticipated only to find that it hasn't arrived the following day. I assume it must have been due to the Olympics that it arrived a day later than it would normally. Oh well, at least I got it now.

HD Brows | Eye & Brow Palette
I like this best out of the box, I got it in Vamp. I'm sure they had this in a previous Glossybox, I think it was some time last year but I hadn't subscribed then so it was nice that they brought it back. Not to worry because they made sure that you wouldn't get the same product twice if you had already received it the last time.

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics | Lip Frosting
I was surprised that this is a full sized product, it's so small! It costs £10 for this product. -jaw drops-

Monu | Golden Glow
It's an alarming yellow colour, similar to the Clinique moisturiser so I thought it was a moisturiser of some sort. Silly me didn't bother reading the description, all I picked up was "bronzer" so I thought: whatever, I'll test it on my hand. It looked clear so I left it there. Three hours later a section of my hand was brown and I was mortified as it didn't come off. Then I realised it was a tanning treatment. I'm not a fan of tanning, and a definite no no for tanning products. The smell is very unpleasant to me but if you often use self tanners then you might be familiar with the smell already and it might not bother you as much.

CLYNOL Salon Exclusive | Enrich Colour Shampoo
I wasn't bothered when I saw this because I see most shampoos to be the same. I do have colour treated hair so to make up for the last product that I didn't like they managed to pick one that is suitable for me. It's in a small bottle too so it'll be convenient to take with me when travelling.

Elizabeth Arden | Visible Difference Skin Balancing Line
This is a bonus product that includes 3 satchets: cleanser, skin serum and moisturiser. I don't use small samples in little satchets hence why I give most of them away. I don't think you can't judge a product after using it twice. But since this is an extra, I can't complain.

Elizabeth Arden | Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion SPF 15
It comes in a tiny plastic bottle holding 5ml of the product. The pump looks really cute on such a small bottle. The description reads: "Smooth onto cleansed face and throat." Well, how unique? The lotion is milky and smells a bit like cucumber.

I feel kind of neutral towards the July box; some (or should I say one) product I like and some, not so much. I felt a bit "meh" about most of them especially the tanning product but HD Brows palette's presence somehow pulled me out of that feeling. I do think everything else will go to waste. I secretly wanted the Monu eye gel instead of the self tanner and looking at the rest of the products of July I think there are more items I would use but I didn't get which is a little disappointing. I hope next month I will have a better box suited for me. :)


Kay Baninibeauty said...

I haven't received my July box yet! It'll soon be August! I hope I get the eybrow palette as well, I've b een wanting to buy one for a while.

New follower, found you from randomly googling :)


Mika ♡ said...

I absolutely can't wait for your reviews on them~ :)

THT Christina said...

Oh I think I'd like that brow palette! Too bad you only feel meh about it :(

Sam Murakami said...

I would love to try the brow palette, looks great! It's a shame you can't customize your box at least with one product wou really would like, most people seem to be disappointed by their boxes :/

Bunny said...

Kay Baninibeauty: Wow that's so late! Hope you've received it already, I wish they sent it mid July or beginning of July it's always very late on in the month. And thanks for following Kay! :)

Mika ♡: I'm working on a review right now :D

THT Christina: I've been using it and I absolutely love it!<3 The colours are perfect shades for my brows

Sam Murakami: I really like the brow palette! I know I wish you could just pick your own items. I've never been fond of surprises. And seeing others get better products than me just makes me depressed lol!