Tuesday, 5 June 2012

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour 7PBN (Review)

The first time I heard about foam hair dyes was the launch from the Japanese brand Palty, however I haven't used a foam hair dye until now. After big brands like L'Oreal, Nice 'n Easy and John Freida all came up with their own foam dyes I wanted to test it out. I was a little skeptical about them as I have read a lot of bad reviews for this fairly new concept. The Precision Foam Colour too receives quite mixed reviews.

I got this in Boots for £6.65 - which is decent - but according to my receipt the normal price is £9.99 I would say is pretty expensive for a drugstore brand. I got 2 boxes because I usually need 2 for my long thick hair.

Please take note: 
  • This product is not intended for use on persons under the age of 16.
  • Temporary black henna tattoos may increase your risk of allergy.

Important tips before you start!
  • If this is the first time colouring your hair I strongly recommend a skin allergy test. This has to be done 48 hours before you colour your hair.
  • Wear old clothing; something you don't mind getting dirty cause you'll probably not be able to wear it outdoors again.
  • VASELINE - use it to prevent staining. Apply it all over your face, your neck, a little bit on your ears before you start your hair colouring process.

The colour results are shown below. I have black hair but brown box dyes lift minimal colour so I mostly opt for blonde dyes. I was tricked into thinking "ash" tones prevents orange tints but this is not exactly true. I have had brassy hair colour results even with an ash toned colour but it really depends on your current hair colour and thickness of your hair and how long you keep the dye in for.
      Current      | Colour Results

A box contains:
1  Developer
2  Colourant
3  Conditioner
4  Foamer
5  Professional Gloves

First pour the contents of the small bottle (the colourant) into the developer. Replace the cap.
Do not shake! Old dyes will tell you to shake vigorously, you do not need to do this with foam dyes. Gently tilt upside down about 5 times. This is the main difference in the how-to steps.

Replace the cap with the foamer and to dispense foam hold bottle upright and squeeze the centre of the bottle. You do get really big flufffy white foams when you squeeze the bottle.

In the directions it tells you to squeeze the foam into your hand, and never directly to your hair. I got lazy so I chose the incorrect method and directly on to my hair (yep naughty girl). And this resulted on me getting bits of foam on to the floor! LOL oh well.

Short summary steps to follow
Quick Steps
More tips!
  • Use a plastic bag/cling film to cover your hair after you have finished with the foam dye to trap in the heat.
  • If you have long and thick hair, like myself, start applying it from the ends because if you apply it to the roots first you will end up with lighter roots and dark ends! (like a reversed ombre look; very bizarre and unflattering). Even if I do this my roots sometimes end up slightly lighter so during the last 10 minutes I use a hair dryer and focus on the ends of my hair to speed up the reaction.

  • Very easy to use
  • Foam does not drip - I did drop it on to the floor by applying it directly to my hair, you are meant to apply it to your hands first.
  • Did not damage my hair the slightest!
  • Leaves my hair very shiny
  • Smells quite pleasant compared to most hair dyes and it's not too overpowering (but then my sister complained about the smell being strong.. she doesn't dye her hair though. I've definitely smelled stronger hair dye.)
  • One box covers my full head! I have always used 2 boxes of hair dye, this is the very first time. So I still have a spare at the moment.

  • This is honestly very hard to think. I suppose I didn't achieve the exact colour I had wanted but then I was still happy with it. I did want something lighter but seriously lifting black hair really is not easy.
  • Price is slightly higher than average.

These are all the different shades available. The Salon Blends are the newer shades. Each new shade contains a blend of 3 hues. Pearl and beige hues helps to reduce brassiness results - but I can't say it is guaranteed.

Have you tried using a foam hair dye yet?


Amanda said...

I recently used the 2A black color. The last hair dye I used was the Feria Midnight Black and it faded within a couple weeks. And I mean completely faded. I have medium brown hair naturally, but even my blonde highlights came back through. But so far the John Frieda foam has not faded and still looks pretty shiny. I like the foam because it's easy to use.

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

I find that applying heat and leaving it on for a little longer really adds the color

Confessions Of A City Girl

Ariana said...

Good colour!
i like it!
kiss dear!

Jing-Jing said...

I used to dye my hair a lot but stopped before the foam formulas started appear in shops more so I've never tried them. They looks so cool!
Quite tempted to dye my hair now after all the effort I put it to get it to my natural colour LOL

KylieR said...

Looove foam dyes so easy to use and not so messy! I used a normal liquid dye the other day and I still have a slightly black tinged neck! Should have gone for a foam one but it wasn't on offer, lol X


Wow I didn't know there were foam dyes other than the Japanese ones!

Your hair turned out beautifully :)

Haha I wonder why it isn't recommended for people under 16..

♥ Denise ♥ said...

It reminds me of the japanese one :D
I think the finish is nice and your hair still looks very shiny/in good condition which is already a plus for hair coloring product :)

Plumi said...

foam formula's ftw! :P the colour looks great, very natural!