Friday, 4 May 2012

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher #2 (Review)

Various beautiful and bright colors lasts for long time on your cheeks with its sebum control powder and coating pigment.

Net Wt:

Cuteness is written all over the Etude House blush. It is packaged very well like most of their products. The pot is pink with a slightly rounded white-transparent lid. It only just clicked where the name "Cookie" came from in the name: it's shaped like a cookie... well sort of.

Swatched - #2 Strawberry Choux it looks really bright here I didn't think the colour will show up that well on my camera. I swiped it 2-3 times here. It's really pigmented a colour will show on the first swipe.

What I like:
- Adorable packaging and comes with a cute little puff.
- Long lasting blush. I had it on for a full day and the colour is still as intense as I just applied it.
- Matte blush. I always prefer matte finish I know some people prefer a little shimmer I don't usually mind it but I prefer matte blush over shimmery blushes.
- The blush is super pigmented

What I dislike:
- The puff needs to be changed to keep up with hygeine. (Luckily I found some Tony Moly ones that are identical)
- Too many colours to choose from! I had difficulty picking one.
- The puff isn't great at picking up even amount of blush. I prefer using a brush.
- Slightly awkward shape - can't stack things on top.


Nana said...

This blush looks really cute! : D I love it's packing!

Shasha said...

the color comes out really nice :)
The packaging is cute too~~

Confetti_hearts said...

Wow the blush looks so pretty! I really want to try this out now :)

emi said...

what a lovely color~ the packaging is adorable! i hate when there are too many choices too lol i'm so indecisive XD

Rinny said...

The blusher is so cute! Love the adorable packaging and the color looks really nice on your skintone too :)

Pamela Erika said...

omg! i love etude! love their packaging! and their products too :)

Hexen Fieber said...

I like this color. It's soft and natural.

Sana said...

So lovely!!
The color looks so soft and cute!!

btw,I'm having a giveaway event at my blog if you're interested.

Anna Ho said...

The colors look really nice and I really wanna try this blush, but I hate the bulky packaging. I use brushes anyway

Tifa said...

OMG isn't that the cutest blush packaging or what!!! And I also love how it's matte as well. And for $8? NOT BAD NOT BAD! Thanks :)

IceCreamBun said...

The color is very nice.. Peachy.. How long does this one lasts?? Approx. hours..?

I have been looking for this color for so long..

Isabel said...

wow the colour is so pretty

Tulip Love said...

Adorable packaging - didn't expect such a soft and pretty looking blush to have that type of pigmentation ^^

It's a super pretty colour~

Thanks for the review!

Terry Hua said...

I love the packaging! It's so cute~ Thanks for the review ^^ I want to try this out now >W<

MissFeelo said...

The colour suits you so well! You did a great job choosing that! I really like the puff brush. I want one! haha

Fern Li said...

i have one of these!! :D the packaging is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!
you can also wash the brush right? xD no need to always buy a new one~ *being cheap*

Mimi said...

The blush is just too cute!!

Anonymous said...

what color is this?

Anonymous said...

#2 strawberry choux

{Rosalie} said...

oooohhh! This blush reminded me that I badly neded a blush right now! >.< Cutie!

Annika said...

This looks gorgeous ; - ; I'm in need of new blush as well. Don't know really which one to buy ~