Friday, 20 April 2012

Etude House I Need You, Honey! Wash-off Pack (Review)

Honey has good benefits to the skin but DIY's get pretty messy so I'll stick with products on the market. I went for the Etude House I Need You Honey Wash Off pack, I was moreover interested in the type of extracts included in this pack because it contains honey and eastern medicinal herbs. This is to tighten skin and supply saponins and minerals.

It is also available in "I need you, Yogurt". The yogurt one sounds lovely but quite common whereas "I need you, Honey" has unusual extracts which I find more appealing. If you recognise the names of the eastern herbs it does make it seem a little more grand.

Go all out with this revitalizing facial massage formulated with medicinal herbs and honey to soften, pamper and nourish skin.

Active Ingredients: Honey, Ginseng, Red Ginseng, Cactus and Angelica extracts.

Pack Size: 48g

1. After facial cleansing and prior to toner application.
2. Massage pack onto facial surface. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.
3. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

Packaging:  The Etude House Wash-off Pack looks just the catering butter portion packs. I think the packaging makes it very convenient and hygienic. It'll easily fit in your travel bag etc if you are going to away from home and need a little treat for your skin.

The wash-off pack contains 4 small containers with different extracts inside. Each of the pack contains 12g of the product which is quite a lot for one use but I pile it on my skin anyway. It's possible to use it twice but I was too lazy to wrap them up and store in the fridge - if you do that though make sure you use it the next day because you don't want it to go bad since you have opened it already and exposing to the air.

Red Ginseng + Ginseng pack: Firstly let me tell you what ginseng is. Ginseng is quite a rare root plant because it is only found in the nothern hemisphere. In Chinese it is called 人參 (yun-sam/ren shen) and it costs a bomb. The properties of ginseng is said to help calm the body and relieve stress too. Now the difference between red ginseng and normal ginseng is red ginseng is also steamed and then dried whereas ginseng is dried without steaming. But of course the pack doesn't contain real ginseng; only an extract of it.

The red ginseng is slightly red in colour and the texture is smooth but sticky as it is honey afterall. It has a very strong smell of ginseng so be warned. I like to leave it on for 20 minutes and lie down to enjoy the smell... It feels very refreshing on the skin too.

The white ginseng is orange in colour with little yellow beads (top two links are clickable). It has a less pleasant texture and appearance in my opinion. It looked like I had a skin condition and I even scared myself. Again it has a very strong smell but I like it, it actually smells quite sweet compared to real ginseng. When you wash it off your face it feels really slimy but it goes away afterwards.

Angelica extracts: Angelica soothes skin and constricts pores. The Chinese name for it is 當歸 (dong quai) you may be more familiar with it. This has a slightly different smell from the ginseng but the smell I am most familiar with. I like the smooth texture I'm not keen in the one with bits in it especially how it looks.

Cactus: Sorry I don't have images for this one because I took the pictures and left it on someone else's laptop but I'll update this section later. This one has red bits in it which is more alarming than the white ginseng. I guess the little beads help exfoliating when you wash it off. Cactus helps to moisturise your skin and prevent premature aging.

Price: $6.68USD (~£4) I'll link it here

What I like:
- I personally think they smell good! You'll be like "wth is she serious" if you tried it out yourself especially if you aren't familiar with the smell. I don't know I just like the smell it reminds me of herbs shops and just brings back memories. o-o'' lol!
- Interesting packaging that looks like butter packs
- It's very relaxing on the skin
- Makes you feel refreshed after use
- Interesting extracts used. Never used products that contains these types of medicinal herbs.
- Inexpensive

What I dislike:
- Takes a while to wash off the honey!
- Can get a little sticky and/or messy again because of the honey.
- I felt a bit indifferent after using probably because with skincare you really need to use it religiously to see results.
- I favour the smooth textures more so I wish there were individual purchase available rather than having 4 different types of the mask
- The smell is pretty strong if you are not used to herbs smell you might not enjoy the mask as much
- Short use; 4 uses. But you may stretch it to 8 times only if you use half each time.

Will I repurchase:
Yes definitely! I would like to try the yogurt wash off pack too.


THT Christina said...

Oh wowww! An actual honey pack! That is so nice and the packaging looks good too ^^

Confetti_hearts said...

That looks really interesting. I kindof like how they have it in little packs like that so it's more convenient! :D

Jen said...

the packaging looks super cute :D i wanna try out the yoghurt version of this ^^

Krissy ~ said...

This looks so fascinating! I ought to try this and the yoghurt pack too!
Krissy xoxo

EV said...

I love these but, it is a bit messy. I usually pop a blister in the freezer just enough to get it a little thick & slather it on. I like the coldness of it too, relaxes me more~

Great post!


행복해요? said...

I think they have a strawberry one too?
Thanks for the review!

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Anonymous said...

that looks so fun to use and honey is great for the skin

Breena said...

Great review! :) Thank you! I'll try this product. :)

Hope you could drop by my blog. :)

Rinny said...

This sounds like a really good mask. I like that it comes with different herbs in each of them so you have more variety. It sounds like it is a bit difficult to wash off though. Thanks for the review!