Friday, 6 April 2012

Circle Lenses After Effects

This post is based on my own opinion and you may not agree with the content. I just want to share my experience with circle lenses, that is all. This is my outcome with them and it may not affect everyone who wears them but I was one of the unlucky ones who were affected.

Circle lenses are still widely accepted, particularly among asians. You often see on the news, circle lenses are dangerous for you, but those who wear them will think that it's the media trying to stir up some sort of controversy.

There are real dangers of circle lenses, even if you are very careful. I never had the courage to post this and it has been in my draft since February. It was not until yesterday Mint published a post about how defective circle lenses damaged her eyes I feel that this issue has become serious and you simply can't turn a blind eye to this. I feel that I too should speak out.

I don't know if you noticed but I have repeatedly been saying I no longer wear online circle lens in my posts. I made my post about FDA approved circle lens and I stated online circle lenses are beyond comparable in comfort-wise, and the main reason I don't wear them. In fact there was more to it than just that.

Reason why I don't wear them anymore
Online circle lenses were not only uncomfortable to wear, it started to change my vision. Ever since I bought from the same company as where Mint had got her defective circle lenses my vision got blurry. At first I worn them with ease. They have never been comfortable, but tolerable.

I never had problems with my eyes, I had perfect vision, until now. Not being able to see clearly has frustrated me, especially that I used to be able to see clearly. My eyes have been extremely sensitive. My eyes have become so dry and red all the time. I relied on eye drops because my eyes don't produce enough tears.

Have you ever inserted your contact lenses the wrong way and your eyes scrunch up because it stings it feels horrible and you desperately want to take them out but you can't because your eyes won't open up due to the shock? Sometimes when I close my eyes, especially when I sleep I get that feeling, it's only mild, but I still feel it. I have that scrunched up feeling and that feeling of constantly, even when I don't wear circle lenses.

Why are they Dangerous?
Circle lenses have enlarging effects, which means they don't fit the iris size. This can scratch the cornea and will cause vision problems, irritation and infections. No they are not the same risk as normal lenses. Yes they both carry a risk but it is higher with circle lenses because they cover more of the white area of the eye. Cheap lenses mean cheap labour and cheap materials. They have been made in line production and there is little quality control. Less water content means less oxygen to your eyes. The lenses aren't FDA approved, you have no idea how it was produced. They may follow less safety regulations.

Now that it is apparent that an online shop has defective circle lens, this will be even more high risk. Take extra caution if you are buying online, the company may have good reviews, but you just never know.

Words from a Hk Singer
Ava Yukiu posted a video on her Youtube last year and spoke briefly about circle lenses. When I watched it I didn't take much into account what she really said about it. But afterwards it struck me so I went back to watch this video. She speaks Cantonese in this video she spoke about how after one incident, due to her job, she got a eye examination and that put an end to her buying from online shops. She didn't go into detail why but she did say had an eye infection. She also states:

"It doesn't make sense when you think about it. Why do normal contact lenses require you to go to opticians to prescribe you with lenses but with circle lenses you do not?"

"But I still want to wear them.."
Well it's your life, your decisions, I can't stop you from wearing them. I would however, recommend you to wear them for 2-3 hours maximum, or when you notice a change in your eyes. Do they feel too dry? Is it starting to get uncomfortable? Remove them as soon as possible. Remember have clean hands before you come in contact with your eyes. If you are out I would aways always bring a contact lens case and eye solution. When your eyes are completely blood shot it's not exactly attractive even if you are wearing the lenses, take them out before you look possessed. Have the eye solution with you, you may not have time to clean them thoroughly, but soak them in solution otherwise they will dry out.

Also depending on how often you wear one pair of circle lenses, if frequently worn it the lens should only last about one month, if you wear them 2-3 times a month you can reuse them for up to 6 months. Don't wait until then, bin them sooner. You have no idea how much bacteria has accumulated on that lens, even with proper cleaning procedures. Bin them a few months before they expire, buy new ones and replace the lens as well as the case.

Problems don't occur overnight you need to take precaution if something doesn't seem right bin them straight away.

Alternatives to non FDA Circle Lenses (what's the difference?)
FDA approved lenses have a national standard of a safety test. I made the post here about the Acavue lens. Go for bigger brands with good reputation. They are more expensive and may not be as eye catching, but they are so much safer to wear and worth it.

Remember, your eyes are precious.
You don't realise the precious things in life. Until you lose it. Your eyes help you witness things in life, we should all be thankful we have a set to explore the world with. Not everyone are lucky enough to see the beauty in this world, physically. That's why you want your eyesight until the day you may become grandparents, great grandparents (or maybe you don't want kids but basically until, well, the end of your days). You don't want to lose your eyesight until that day comes.


Katsuki つーちゃん said...

I recently bought a pair and that is after all what has been said about the problems of defective lenses I have acquired a fear of using them, only I put into my eyes once and I have no plan to use them daily but if at least 1 time per month, I felt very comfortable the lenses but really eh acquired into doubt everything that is said, see a specialist and he said no problem with them but i have fear.

Anna Ho said...

I never found these circle lenses to be comfortable at all. I only wore them a few times and I did notice the quality of my eyes got worse and stopped wearing them. I read about Mint's post with her issues from twitter and I felt really sorry for her. I am glad she is sharing it with people and that people are sharing it with others to raise awareness. I think the company pays people to not say anything, which is why there have been no reports from what they say. In fact, I find it impossible that there have not been any complaints.

Erika Jukes Mallari said...

This is really great! This post will serve as a 'warning' to people who wear 'em often including me. (Though I don't wear 'em THAT often) This maybe one of the reason why I stopped trying to review circle lenses 'coz I can't say anything good about 'em except the design and enlargement but they're not comfy at all plus it's really bad for the eyes! When I am wearing circle lenses even though I have applied it on my eyes properly, after 2 to 3 hours it starts to sting and makes my eyes blurry and very teary. (TT^TT )

Jen said...

Im glad ive never bought anything from that company... You raise a good point tho, coloured lenses are available at the optometrists and are so pricey.. For a reason. Thanks for the pep talk, ill definitely lay low on using my circle lenses now (not that i use them often anyways)

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

I liked the look but i've never been curious enough to try it

Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
Confessions Of A City Girl

Chaitea said...

Great post.
I am definitely more careful about circle lenses after seeing these posts. I feel like you're right. I mean our eyes are precious and why aren't we going to the optometrist to fit lenses in them and instead just buying them online? I'm going to be a lot more cautious about lens use from now on.


myoubi said...

I'm wearing regular glasses all the time. My eyesight is still good, but I need glasses for university.

I own one pair of circle lenses and I wear them only on special occasions. Which means 1-2 times a month and that only for some hours. If I notice, that my eyes are dry or I feel uncomfortable, I always give them out as fast as possible. Everytime I'm wearing them and going out - I always have a contact-lens case with me.

I have them now for 6 months (going to throw them away soon) and I just ordered new ones, because I'm not really sure that they last one year.

I'm very carefully with my circle lenses and with my eyes and will be more carefully due this post in future.

It's really awful what happened to this girl. :(

Bunny said...

I think it's okay to wear them as long as you don't feel discomfort, follow the safety procedures clean the lens etc. Make sure the place you bought your circle lens is well trusted and everything should be fine. :)

Rinny said...

Oh no, you too? :( I just finished reading Minty's entire post a few hours ago. Now you both have me feeling a bit paranoid. I've always been a bit weary about circle lenses to begin with..I've only worn them for 5-6 hours ONCE. The only times I wear them is when I'm taking pictures for my blog, and I'll wear them for about an hour or two. It seems Eyecandylens isn't such a reputable seller, if both of you experienced problems. I've never bought from them before and don't think I ever will now. Thanks for sharing this post with us. I think a lot of girls who wear circle lenses regularly will be glad to have read this.

faye said...

I used to wear circle lenses a lot but don't wear them much anymore. I think the key is to buy from a trusted seller, only wear them occasionally and stop if you feel discomfort.

Katsuki つーちゃん said...

thanks for replying, I follow all directions so that everything is correct :)

Anonymous said...

I buy my circle lenses from the optometrist... So I'm sure they're as safe as regular contacts. And the ones I get are GEO lenses.