Saturday, 17 March 2012

One-Day Delight Max Contact Lens (Review)

I haven't made any lens review since, well last 2011, because I stopped wearing online circle lens. Not that I made a lot of reviews on circle lenses anyway but I did wear them a lot especially Geo Nudies and Angel Series. My one and only review is the Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown (which is also my very first post on my blog ~). I seldomly wear approved lens but I do prefer them due to many reasons.

These lenses are the One-Day Delight Max Contact Lens I bought from the opticians in HK.

Lens Info

Moisturizing agent - Hydration PLUS (Hyaluronic Acid)
ONE-DAY Delight MAX HydrationPLUS contains moisturizing agent HA (Hyaluronic Acid). HA has capacity to hold up its 1000 times of water molecules in order to keep the eyes wetting in all day time (see the diagram below). HA is naturally present in the human tear film and joints of bone. Many new generation eye drops contain HA, enhancing comfort for the patients with dry eyes. It really improves the comfort & health especially at the end of the day.

Patented with bi-aspherical surface design – vision with high definition
a. Front Surface-aspherical
The aspherical design improves the spherical aberration and also relief the mild astigmatism caused by cornea cylinder (see the diagram). It really helps to improve the night driving vision and computer near work.

b. Back surface-aspherical design
Cornea itself is aspherical so that aspherical lens design can match properly and make good fitting with the lens on the cornea. It likes that you doesn't feel the contact lens inside in your eyes after wearing (see the diagram).

Lens design enlargement

UV block- reduce the hazard from Sunlight
Eye exposure to sunlight can cause cataract and other eye diseases:- ONE-DAY  Delight MAX HydrationPLUS contact lens has UV block function, it can reduce 99.9% of UVB and 92.3% of UVA. During outdoor activity, wearing ONE-DAY Delight contact lens can help to minimize the UV damage to the eyes.

Good fit - color is laminated inside the lens

Product Specification:
Parameters ONE-DAY Delight MAX 2 Contact Lens
Replacement Schedule Daily disposable
Water Content 42%
Pieces per pack 30 pcs
Diameter 14.2 mm
Base Curve 8.5 mm
Centre thickness 0.07 mm @ -3.00D
Materials Filcon I
Color Hazel, Gray, Violet, Blue & Green
Power range Plano, -0.50, -1.00 DS to -5.00 DS (step in 0.25 DS)
Power range -5.50 DS to -9.00 DS (step in 0.50 DS)
Moisturiser Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
Lens design Front, Back & Power Aspherical

I had perfect vision when I bought these! ..I miss those days. -nostalgic-

You get 30 disposable lenses for about $250HKD (~£20)

Instructions for taking out the lens from a blister pack. Also, make sure your hands are clean and dry otherwise the lens will just stick to your finger.

My Review
Comfort: ★★★★★
These are extremely comfortable to wear; I never experience discomfort with these lenses. My eyes don't dry out when I wear them for long hours which is quite a miracle because usually they do when I wear circle lenses. I could probably fall asleep in these lenses, that's probably the worst thing you could do, but yeah it's true! I don't feel like I'm wearing them because they are that comfortable and the lenses are so thin in material and doesn't feel like plastic. Even when you remove the lenses it stays moisturised and it doesn't have that crispy feel to it, this used to happen to me when I remove circle lenses from my overly dry eyes.

Design: ★★★☆☆
These lenses don't have a particular design, all it does is enlarge. You can see that they have little dots up close in the blister packaging but it doesn't show up when you put them on. They do give you a dolly look. I always think of ulzzangs with these type of lenses because they tend to go for a more natural look while the emphasis is usually on the eyeliner. This type of lens is only available in black and brown.

I'm not at all an all-for-natural makeup type of girl no no no sometimes I miss the gorgeous designs of eos/geo/neo etc circle lenses and the variety of colours that are available but I just find them extremely uncomfortable I can no longer tolerate it, I'm pretty sure they weren't doing my eyes any good either since my eyes felt irritated and always end up bloodshot.

Enlargement: ★★★★☆
These lenses are only 14.2mm in diameter. They may not be as big as circle lenses you normally see but they still make a difference and can draw a lot of attention to your eyes. I think 14.2mm-14.5mm is the perfect size for circle lenses I wish they would stop bringing out new and ridiculously large lenses the lack of oxygen to your eyes can be really unsafe.

With these you can wear them on a daily basis because they are so natural. If you aren't a fan of the extreme large eye effect you may want to go for something with a more subtle effect like these. Due to the design of these lenses if they get any bigger I'll look like some kind of bug-eyed alien freak so the size is perfect in combination with the simple design.

Overall: ★★★★★
I love these lenses! I have worn so many pairs of non-fda approved circle lenses in the past, they are 10 times more striking, even still I don't think I can go back to wearing them. Comfort is really important to me and I find that lenses from the opticians are by far the most comfortable.

I extremely like the fact they are daily disposables so you just throw them away at the end of the day. No need to buy eye solution or contact lens case or clean the lens!~

With and without lenses.Excuse my messy makeup it started to melt after a long day lol ~
They are so natural! If you prefer natural circle lens that I think you'll really like these.

Other cosmetic lens from this line:
Monthly Delight ColorMAX have 5 different colours

ONE-DAY Delight MAX 2 Contact Lens


emi said...

they sound like a dream come true. my eyes always get dry/tired after max 6 hours now. they should make circle lenses designs in daily disposable form, i'd be the first to buy!

Katsuki つーちゃん said...

I love this really nice natural look and the colors are so pretty :D

PinkyShimmer said...

I think that BEAUTYQQ wears them a lot and they give her a Babrie eye kind of effect that I've always been liking!

Yapo Nightroad said...

ahhh its lovely!! <3 you look beautiful~ i'll ask my fave circle lens shop if they can buy for me~

Tulip Love said...

Wow, they look so natural yet so pretty too! These look like an excellent alternative to more patterned circle lenses :)
Disposable contacts after one day seems way more hygienic too, which has to be a real plus!

MissFeelo said...

I've seen these before and I always think they look so beautiful on people. No exception here. :)

Lotti ☆ said...

looks really pretty on you!! *_*

Bunny said...

Oh if only, they would definitely sell out! I'm guessing it would be a little more expensive (depending on how frequently worn) but then you don't have to worry about the lens solution and the casing

Bunny said...

Yeah I really want to try the Max 2 version the colours look gorgeous!

Bunny said...

I love BeautyQQ's videos, she's my favourite Youtuber <3

Bunny said...

Aww thank you dear! <3 I really recommend these lenses super comfortable to wear^^

Bunny said...

Yeah it feels good not having to clean the lenses, it was a nightmare, especially after a long day out!

Bunny said...

Lol aww thank you so much you're too sweet ♥

Bunny said...

Thank you ♥ I couldn't find any other pictures XD

3H7 said...

I love the turn out of these lens and very natural. You look good with them :).

Phuju Pham said...

They look so natural on you it's really pretty, deff want to try this out. Thank you for sharing dear! <3

Rinny said...

Oh I wish these were available in the US! I would love to get a pair of these :(

I like the enlargening effect of circle lenses but I hate how risky they are. Plus they always dry out my eyes within a few hours.

OnlyYou said...

Hi I'm just wondering when you were in Hong Kong did you have to bring any proof of your prescription details to get the contacts and how long did it take for them to be collected again?
P.s it was a very detailed blog post!
thank you!

Bunny said...

OnlyYou: Nope you don't need to show proof of prescription details. I got them on the same day. The sales assistant gave me an extra pair to try on in the shop as well. :)