Sunday, 25 March 2012

Kanebo Kate No More Rules (Review)

Kate is a drugstore sub-brand by the Japanese cosmetics giant Kanebo. The top-selling Japanese brand moves away from conventional makeup trends to offer a collection of contemporary beauty products like square-cut eyeliners and wax mascara in a wide array of colours. The slogan, "No More Rules", captures the unique essence of the brand. From long-lasting eyeliner and UV-protection pressed powder to moisturizing lipstick, Kate's eye, face and lip makeup collection allows young, fashion-conscious women to create striking new looks without limitations.

I adore the film Nana and Mika Nakashima (main actress of the Jmovie) was the endorser at the time so it got me ever so interested in the brand.It is a very affordable line by Kanebo. The packaging of Kate is simple yet sleek. This line creates a modern gothic and mysterious vibe. I spotted the brand in a few Japanese and Taiwanese magazines, the eye shadow palettes in particular gets most praise out of the line. I haven't tried them out yet but it's definitely something on my wish-list.

Kate - Elite Class Liquid Eyeliner
Quantity: 1.8ml

A highly pigmented liner formula coupled with a super fine brush tip results in gorgeous and beautifully defined eyes. The extra-smooth liner makes it easy even for make-up beginners to create well-defined eyes, while the no-smudge and waterproof formula ensures that eyes stay lined even against humidity and oily lids.

The Kate liquid eyeliner comes in a sleek black plastic tube in a pyramidal shape with the bottom being more square and the top more rounded.

The consistency is quite runny. I think this is the case with all liquid liners in the form of a bottle and brush. You have less control over the thickness of the line because it doesn't have a point to the brush.

The brush wand is quite long you might end up with some of the product on it as well as the brush hence it might transfer on to unwanted areas. The brush tip is a little hard to control so if you have shakey hands like myself you can easily make mistakes but it's nothing a cotton bud(Q-tip) can't fix. It doesn't dry immediately it makes it easier to remove errors.

The colour is very intense black and it dries to a matte finish.


I tried to create one long stroke with this liner, the lines aren't very straight because I had less control over it and the brush is really soft so you need a light touch. However usually when I'm applying any eyeliner I use small strokes. This is because the way my eyelid is, unlike most people I have multiple folds on my lid so it'll end up quite uneven if I try and use one stroke.


Intense rubbing on the left, let's be realistic, you're not gonna rub your eyes like that. Again with the water I ran it under the tap for a very long time and it was a fast moving tap. I don't know why I do these tests, it's not very accurate. But I guess if it comes off immediately it'll show that it's not as long lasting.

Glides on smoothly
Long wearing capability
1.8ml will last you a long time
Sleek packaging

The application tends to be a little difficult, and less favourable when you are in rush.
The wand is a little too long

Kate My Color Shadow WT-1
I usually skip eyeshadow because it's less noticeable, especially that I choose neutral colours, but I always apply white eyeshadow on the inner corner of my eyes because it really makes your eyes stand out. It brightens the eye and make you less tired; definitely one of my favourite makeup tricks!

With this little pocket size eyeshadow it saves me from bringing out an eyeshadow palette or single pots and brushes when I simply want to highlight the inner corner of my eyes. It's so much more convenient and you can keep it in your bag because it's small and doesn't take up room.
The applicator is springy when you unscrew the cap it releases it's full length.

At the end of the wand it has a sponge tip applicator.

Cute travel size
Highlights inner corners and brow bone well
I don't think you can buy this online.^^'' I bought it in Sasa (or maybe Watsons - love how they pronounce it - wot-son-see XD)

Kate -
Cheek Color Dual in PK-1

Two intensely pigmented shades of pink make for a healthy and radiant glow, while the soft, rounded brush ensures a perfect and uniform application with every use. Use on your cheekbones to mimic the soft and natural flush of falling in love for the first time.

I love the little brush it's surprisingly soft!

Texture: The texture is smooth but chalky. You can see in the pictures above the powder being all over the compact. But on the face it is not noticeable and blends so well.

Pigmentation: The pigmentation is not amazing, you need about 2-3 swipes for the colour to show..on the hand. You need about 1-2 swipe to show on the face. If you are liking the natural look this is for you! I do occasionally wear this shade because it's quite a perfect glow and subtle colour to my cheeks.

Lasting Power: The colour starts fading after 4 hours or so which is not bad! It would last longer with a cream blush beneath to act as a primer.

Lovely pink glow
Not overpowering
Soft little brush
Easy to blend


Kate Rouge Ex #BE31
There are 12 colours to choose from the Rouge Ex collection. I used to love nude lipsticks but I've grown out of the phase now nonetheless this is a pretty lipstick.

Very moisturising
Love the packaging
High quality
Non drying
Doesn't wash me out

I picked the nude/beige colour I wish I got a pretty pink colour instead


Anonymous said...

How are the tests not accurate? What's the reasoning?

Fern Li said...

you should have bought the pen shaped liquid liner, so much better!
i love their eyeshadow palettes, especially the new ones that come with eyebrow shadow aswell.
i really wanna try their lipsticks one day

♥PINK DOLLY♥ said...

Really like the products from Kate. I want to try out the blusher....the packaging on the blusher looks a little cheap compared to the rest tho...

Yapo Nightroad said...

The blusher wow although its pale pink it really shows.. I'm in dire need of a new blusher.. Might just give it a try... >.<

Tulip Love said...

The sleek and clean lines of the packaging is quite appealing :)
I actually like the nude lip colour a lot! I'm not too into pink tints~
Thanks for the reviews!

Steph said...

I have a few Kate colours and theyre quite alright... wish they had them available in the UK though

Marion ♥ said...

I haven't tried any Kate makeup :D But their eyeliners seem great!

MissFeelo said...

I love your tests, I don't think they're not reasonable! I've heard a lot of good things from Kate. I love the lippie you got, I think it looks great on you!