Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Etude House VIP Girl Dear Darling Lipstick OR207 (Review)

This is a review of the Etude House Dear Darling Miss Tangerine lipstick. The Miss Tangerine line really catch my attention and I was super excited when I bought this. In the Etude House Miss Tangerine commercial ad Dara prances around and makes cute expressions with her little ahjumma hairstyle. She is overflowing with charm. I just love her cheerfulness. And what I also love in the ad is her orange lips!

I love the idea of having orange lips so I decided to go for the VIP Girl Dear Darling lipstick in OR207 "Come on, Miss T". It's orange and screaming for attention with it's boldness. The outside packaging is really cute and cheerful looking. The lipstick comes in a pink tinted lid it looks princessy but a little like cheap plastic.

My swatch:

This lipstick is highly pigmented and it is a true orange colour. The lipstick formula is really creamy.

I was only dabbing on the first coat because I was a bit hesitant as I have never worn orange lipstick before and I was worried it might not go well with my complexion. This colour is very, very bold. You could always dab it on slighty for a small colour change.

I think it's an amazing colour and the orange can bring out a very playful look. It's fun to wear but probably not your everyday lipstick because it's so bright. It will be very eye-catching.

Few people can pull off this colour well but if you like it who's going to stop you from wearing it? Beauty is only the eye of the beholder so if you love it, go for it.

It has a tangerine scent: so yummy! 

Quick Summary

- Bursting with pigment
- Bright and opaque results
- Creamy formula
- Non-drying
- Yummy tangerine taste

- Not a fan of the packaging of the
 lipstick itself
- Tough colour to pull off


Lorina said...

I love this color so much! It's so beautiful ; ___; <3
I'm such a sucker for orange lipsticks.

Airi said...

Teehee I have this lipstick too!! I havent worn it much since orange seems so Springy, and its too cold so far...! :( As if orange werent already so hard to pull off... ><

Nana said...

Wow! This lipstick is just so cute! ! ! : D :D I love it!

Eccentricxcrush said...

I've been seeing these reviews quite a bit, hehe.
Seems like an interesting lipstick.
I've been wanting to try an orange lipstick. :)

I'm looking forward to listening to the full version of the song too.
Jen really is beautiful. She's looks amazing & the acting with Jason Chen seems so real.

NaTT said...

I loove the brand >o<

Jasmin said...

OuO it is still available in your country?
T__T when i wanted to get it in the Philippines last year they said they are not producing this line anymore...

Bunny said...

Is it just in Philippines? I got it from, comes straight from South Korea. Click on this link *here*. It's free shipping. :)

Bunny said...

Lol yeah I was thinking that too.^^' I'm waiting for spring to come! (❂◡❂) and summer <3

Bunny said...

This is my first orange lipstick I was nervous about it looking horrible with my complexion but now I'm hooked! Orange is a gorgeous colour <3 ♡(//▿//)

Bunny said...

Hehehe yeah it tastes good too (^∇^)

Bunny said...

You should really try it! <3 I'm really loving the colour.^-^ Yeah~! She has the most beautiful smile too ♡(//▿//) Her pearl white teeth omg. I think all youtubers are good at acting. XD

Bunny said...

Yeah I love it they have soo many good products at afforable prices. (=^ェ^=)

Her Ugliness said...

I never know whether to reply in my own blog or in other people's blog so they see the reply, so....
The packing is why I bought it too~ Never really heard of this brand before (I looke dit up and apparently they are only producing mascara and nothing else? O.o) and didn't really have any intention of buying a new one, but I could not resist the packing.
Yeah, it's probably best to go alone, but I don't really like going into drugstores alone in Japan (or in any other kind of store), in case I can't read something or, which isn't unusual, some shop worker jumps at me and starts talking at me no matter what "I don't understand a single word of what you are saying"-looks I give her. X.x I basically try not to get separated with my husband when I am in Japan at all. I have zero sense of orientation and I cannot really speak Japanese properly. One time I got accidentally separated from him and had half a nervous breakdown and started crying in the middle of the street because I thought I was lost forever. So, yeah, I guess he doesn't really have any choice but to go into every drugstore with me. It's alright tough, in return I have to go eat ramen with him 3 times a day. And I really do not like ramen, so I guess we are even.

Anonymous said...

hi! i used to use Korean cosmetics and I liked that range ay;)

Joanne said...

I love the tangerine color. :) thanks for the nice review!

Oh, I want to tell you that I've given you an award! :)

Bunny said...

Etude House and Lioele are the only Korean cosmetics brand I have tried, but I'd love to try more! :)

Bunny said...

Awww thank you so much for the award. I'm really happy :') Thank you!!

Plumi ~ said...

oooh, i might give it a try! I thought dara was so cute in the cf too. hehe. shinee weren't too bad in the etude house cf either, hehe ;P

Amandine.M said...

omg !! i'm in love with orange lipstick and this one looks so great!! *o*