Monday, 20 February 2012

Essential Kao Ultra Honey Hair Mask - Nuance Airy (Review)

Since I dyed my hair back to black and got inches of my hair chopped off, my splits ends have dramatically reduced and so I haven't been using this hair mask as much as I did. Recently I started using it again but this time in Nuance Airy, (previously used Rich Premier) oh the difference it makes to my hair!

Essential line from Kao is for damaged hair. The New Improved Essential Damage Care’s formulation starts repairing your damaged tresses from the moment you shampoo! Ideal for hair damaged by colouring, perming, rebonding, daily styling and blow drying the formula moisturizes to the core of hair so that even the last 15cm of your hair is strong and bouncy. New Improved Essential Damage Care range now contains ingredients such as Shea Butter and High Purity Honey.

Purity Honey known to deeply repair and strengthen damaged hair. High Purity Honey adds moisture and manageability like no other while the newly added Shea Butter soothes dryness, repairs breakage and mends split ends.

Apart from the natural ingredients, Deep Moisture Booster is added into New Improved Essential Shampoo to provides moisture to dry hair. Conditioners and Treatments are also improved with Cuticle Repair Essence to lock in moisture and protect those beautiful locks!

With all these improvements, you can discover the joy of pampering your hair in each hair care stage! During shampooing, experience no more tangles with Essential’s rich, foamy lather that gently detangles hair while minimizing breakage. After drying your hair, feel ultra smoothness of your hair after it is strengthened from root to tip. Lastly, Hair falls into place naturally all day with each strand moistured even to the most damaged last 15cm of hair. Your precious hair ends, (last 15cm of hair), which is the oldest and most damaged can now be restored from dullness, tangles, spilt ends and frizz to become stunning and healthy again.
- Kao website      

Once you open the cap, the most gorgeous smell wafts into the room. I want to emphasise how amazing this smells. You'll sniff this in a way people think you're high.

After shampooing, I towel dry my hair and then coat my hair with the mask with about the size of 2 table tennis balls, massage for about 5-10 minutes and wash away. It did say to avoid the scalp but it doesn't make a difference for me as my hair doesn't weigh down at all. If your hair easily produces oils or can be quite flat I would try and avoid the scalp. Other method is to use a shower cap after applying the mask so that the heat from your head makes it work faster. The longer you keep it in your hair the better the results.

It penetrates the hair core, key repair and nourishes damaged tissue bringing smooth results to hair. As it contains rose essence it gives the hair an extra layer of protection. My hair feels so soft afterwards and it becomes a lot more managable. I hardly find any knots in my hair after using this mask. The next morning the fragrance stays in my hair all day and keeps it silky smooth.

Packaging (4/5)
I'm a sucker for anything pink it's got a girly attraction. My eyes are just drawn to it. The pink tub looks a bit like a heart shape, girls must love <3 Only wish it had a different type of packaging, I can't stand the tub.

Product (5/5)
The texture of the mask is very thick and creamy. It's kind of like butter. This is best at conditioning my hair. My hair is definitely a lot less dry when I use it. My hair has restored some of it's shine. I'm still working on trying to get my hair to look healthier. I skip conditioner when I use this hair mask because it effectively conditions my hair. I'm very satisfied with this product. The biggest difference came with styling as my hair is a lot more managable than before. If you stick with this product you will notice that long term results it improves your hair and reduces split ends.

Scent (5/5)
The scent is quite strong and the smell will linger on you for a long time. It'll make your pillow case smell really nice too~! It has a sweet taste; a touch of shea butter and a fruity rose fragrance.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Nuance Airy / Rich Premier
Which is better?

You may have wondered what the difference actually was. And in all honesty, I didn't find any significant difference in these hair masks. They are both equally superb masks. The smell and texture is the exact same and despite it states both give a different finish, due to thickness of my thick hair I find no apparent differences. Either one, you'll love it.

I liked Rich Premier more when my hair was dyed because it really reduced flyaways and it smoothed out the damaged ends. This was my HG hair mask. It turned my dry, straw-like hair to soft manageable locks.

Now I prefer Nuance Airy because I'm trying to achieve a more healthy look. Even though my hair is black now - I don't have to do root touch ups etc - I still use a lot of heat styling tools on my hair. The rose essence just gives my hair an extra layer of protection (but I do still keep using heat protectant spray).
Nuance Airy – By giving hair a light and bouncy feel with a three-dimensional finish, Nuance Airy range helps hair move freely and naturally. Wild rose essence leaves a protective layer over hair to keep it soft and moisturized. Suitable for flat and limp damaged hair.
Rich Premier – Richly moisturizing, this range helps you achieve smooth and manageable hair. Sunflower Essential Oil leaves hair with a glossy, wet-look sheen, keeping it in shape and preventing it from getting puffy. Suitable for untameable, damaged hair.


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NaTT said...

I realle love it! I have the essence Shampoo now and i love the results and the smell <3

Bunny said...

I want to try the shampoo ~!(❂◡❂) I saw it on Sasa so I might get it next time I order from them.ლ(^o^ლ)

Krissy ~ said...

ahh the packaging is so pretty and cute! i want to order day! my hair is like super dry nowadays because i've used up all my heat protectant and i haven't brought one since D: hehe! great review! ^o^
Krissy xoxo

Junjun said...

The packaging is adorable~ >u<
My friend might be ordering this. xD Thanks for the review!

Jasmin said...

Oh yes, i knew this IS a GOOD haircare product - therefore it is on top of my asian beauty product wishlist o(^___^)o !!!!

Bunny said...

You should try it! Works so well :) My hair is so prone to breakage I can't go without heat protectant spray. Thanks doll xoxo

Yoyo said...

I've never tried hair masks before, but they look pretty interesting :3

Bunny said...

Hehe yep! ^^ You're welcome

Bunny said...

Yes you'll love it!(^∇^)

Bunny said...

My hair is too dry without it. I use hair mask every week to give it a smoothing boost :3

Tulip Love said...

Thanks for the review~
I will be needing a good hair mask since I tend to not get my hair trimmed very often. Having shea butter in it makes it sound so rich and nice ^^

Isabel said...

Just got this baby a month ago! ^_^ Loving it so far

Phoebe Limanta said...

I've been wanting to get my hands on these babies for the longest time but it is just so darn hard to find here in Australia! I think I may have to trawl eBay for these :P

Jen said...

Oh wow, this brand gets so much hype.. You're making me want to try!! ><

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Dermaquest said...

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Bunny said...

You're welcome :D Shea butter is really rich in vitamins so it's really good for your hair^^

Bunny said...

Hehe yay~

Bunny said...

I had to buy it from online >< You won't find it here in the UK either T-T Hahahs ebay is a good source too :P

Bunny said...

Lol hehe you need to try it Jen!! >:D

Yolandaas said...

They look great.. x

Anonymous said...

WAAAAAH you should put links on where to buy bc me want :((

Bunny said...

Sasa^^ I buy everything from there XD Unfortunately it's out of stock at the moment :( But you can maybe check back in a few weeks on this link you can also buy it on Yesstyle but slightly more expensive. :)