Friday, 27 January 2012

My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Amino Acid Cleanser (Review)

My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese brand well known for their sheet masks. I am a real fan of them especially the Bird's Nest Mask. It continues to be one of my all time favourite. The Strawberry Yogurt Amino Acid Cleanser is from their new Tea Time Collection that was launched a year ago. It contains strawberry extract, yogurt amino acid and soy protein. Amino acid helps to stimulate collagen which will make your skin firmer.

I first discovered this product by watching Fuzkittie's skincare - and should I add, hardcore - routine video. She uses the Strawberry Cleanser with her Clarisonic. I really love her videos and she has beautiful flawless skin! Such inspiration, I need to work on my skincare.(●´◡`●)

This is the 90ml I believe you can get it in a smaller size if you purchase the Sweet Tea Time set, which includes the Souffle cleanser. The packaging is really adorable. *-*

Strawberry ice cream cones! Looks like a jobby but nevermind..

Aww it's a mini spatula~! I love how they included that. This makes it much more hygienic, many people do not like to dip their finger into a tub yet they continue to bring out this kind of packaging  = =', but this time I'm not too bothered about it since they included the spatula.

I would rate the packaging 5 out of 5. - pink freak -

Why does this remind me of strawberry ice cream..
Omg should I taste it D: LOL (joke).

You only need a small amount for your whole face. The product is quite thick with tiny little pink beads to help exfoliate. You can't really see them but you can feel it when you rub it on to your skin.

This cleanser lathers in nicely but doesn't foam as much. It doesn't have a scent to it, well it does, but not of strawberries yogurt, well not the one that I tried before. If you have tried JuJu cosmetics face wash I think it smells similar to that.. In fact not only does it smell similar it foams the same way.

The texture doesn't really resemble strawberry yogurt because it's not that creamy. I don't know if it's meant to be like this, when I buy products from Sasa the products seem to be quite solid. It could be the climate here or shipping took out its moisture lol who knows..

You can try rubbing your hands together first to product more foams. To be honest I'm not too bothered about foams as long as it works. It works up to a rich and soft lather, washing away the impurities of your face, exfoliating your skin and control sebum. It effectively washes away impurities but at the same time does not dehydrate your skin.

+ No strong smells
+ Pink Packaging
+ It makes my face less oily
+ Doesn't give my skin any of that tight feeling
+ Brightens the skin

- Can't think of any.. Maybe difficult to purchase in the UK

Summary: It is a mild cleanser which brights up the skin. The little strawberry extracts provide a gentle exoliation. The yogurt formula helps to get rid of dirt and makeup. It doesn't strip away your natural oils. Your skin will still feel very clean without the tight feeling.

Rating: ★★★★★

 The following are also included in the Sweet Tea Time Collection.

Did you die from the cuteness?


NaTT said...

Package is adorableeee!>o<
And looks so useful! Wanna try!
thanks for the review N_N

Mary said...

I really does look edible xD! I think I'd eat it too....

Amandine.M said...

the products of this brand seem to work very well!! *o* + packaging is so cute!! would like to try it!!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

oh you make me want to try that out!
The packaging alone would make me want to buy, lol, it's so PINK! haha


Tifa said...

AHh I want it!!! Even for JUST the packaging. Like you said 'pink freak' It's soo fricken cute. ANd yes, it does look like strawberry ice cream/dessert. -_- I'll prob try tasting it.

katie said...

I'm actually SOOO happy you did this review!! I've been thinking about picking up the entire set since I found it in the Korean market near my work, and it's quite hard to resist such cute packaging gleaming straight in your face >__< Do you mind my asking how much you paid for this one? The entire set I saw was around $30 I think? So I'm not quite sure if it's worth it or not if the cleanser is smaller and only comes with several masks! But I am definitely lusting still ho ho~

Bunny said...

NaTT: You are very welcome n_n And yeah you should so try it!

Mary: I'm tempted too. Just one lick.. LOL

Amandine.M: Yes I agree :)! Love My Beauty Diary products ~

Dana Yoshimizu: Yeah there is one called Aloe cleanser it is green but of course I picked the pink tub. XD

Tifa: Mhmm! hahaha it does *-* Looks so yummy ~~.

Katie: Aw then I'm glad I posted it XD It was $12.12USD on Sasa :) Is it the Sweet Teatime Mini set? I think it comes with a 30ml cleanser and a smaller size souffle scrub, but it does give you a taster of all the products and I think it will last you a period of time (but obviously not the masks). $30 for a mini set does seem a bit expensive (Is this in US dollars? LOL I'm a bit clueless with my currency =-='')

Suwan:) said...

Yay I was looking forward to this review!~ I absolutely lovee the packaging! I really want to get this now! Lol it's a good thing it doesn't have a strong strawberry smell to it or else I might end up trying to eat it.

Jen said...

super cute packaging! I think I'll try this out soon :D hehehe.... btw you have such long nails~!! how'd you grow them out that well without it breaking ? ><

Phoebe Limanta said...

Oh my gosh, the packaging is to die for! It's so so cute!!!

Pinksugarichigo said...

OMG cuteness package overload! i haven't seen this product review before! it looks so delicious, how do you stop yourself from trying to taste it! <3 i like that they included the mini spatula for that full effect (and smart for hygienic reasons). :D btw thanks for stopping by my page!

Anonymous said...

I wish I can get a hold of that product!

Jill said...

I will go to Taiwan in two weeks!!! Cant wait to get my hand on one of those!!! I really like your blog's name, i followed you!!!

Gigi Lam said...

I love their brand's masks. been using the red wine one and works great for me :)

& FYI loving my Nex C3. If you get a chance def check it out. It gives superb picture quality but without the DSLR camera size ;)


Christine said...

Ahaha, fuzkittie all the way! I remember when I first dwelled the realm of asian cosmetics, or more of cosmetics as a whole, and watched her videos for the first time and thinking "What the heck is this crazy woman talking about and why does she take so long to explain." But i've actually learned a lot from watching her videos, and you've gotta love her skin!

Oooh the packaging is really adorable!, but it's a shame that it doesn't smell like strawberry yoghurt.. even if it didn't work well I would stil buy if it smelled like yoghurt, hehe.

I once bought this Kiss my Face lotion that smelled EXACTLY like peaches and cream yoghurt. It was really thick and organic, but I would apply it before gym and all my gym mates would be telling me I smell like yoghurt, ahaha.

I've really wanted to try MBD products, maybe i'll try this after I try the sheet masks :)

Chaitea said...

Oh god, I did die of cuteness xD
The packaging is so cute!
The texture does also remind me of ice cream

CrystalLuvz said...

Heard so many great review about this product, might get it next time I see it!!!
Great blog!!! ^^

Emy said...

Ah it makes me so hungry! lol! I need to try this too! xx

Phuju Pham said...

This looks so good!!! :D I just notice, I think I was following your old blog or something and I didn't know you made a new one! ><

Reika said...

this is so cute!! the masks always made me break out but i might not be able to resist trying this....

Bunny said...

Suwan: Lolol yeah~! I am glad too XD

Jen: They just grow o.o' Lol but never use your nails as tools because you are more likely to break them ~

Phoebe Limanta: Hehe yeah. Love all the packaging of MBD products. :D

Pinksugarichigo: It's a Taiwan product they recommended it on a TV show called WQueen which is very popular there. :3 You're very welcome my dear! <3

LoveAmista: You can buy it on Sasa~! :)

Jill: Aww thank you sweetie ^-^ I want to go to Taiwan too~! Take me with you loool~ Hope you have a wonderful time.

Gigi Lam: I've never tried the red wine mask before would like to try it out. I came across your camera again on DPreview on Youtube. XD Made me really interested!

Christine: Lol haha yeah! A lot of my relatives are like that though they go extreme with skincare but their skin is soo flawless I understand why.

It works really well! Too bad it doesn't smell of the strawberry yogurt >_< Peaches and cream sounds soo yummy o.o You must have smelt really nice XD.

Chaitea: Hahaha I knew it~ LOL XD

CrystalLuvz: Thank you so much^^!

Emy: Yes you should definitely try it! Btw I love your blog can't believe your commenting on mine LOL. Thank you deary. <3

Phuju Pham: Yeah it's cool haha I didn't make it that long ago ^^ You were away on vacation~! Hope you had fun :3. Thanks for following my new blog sweetie <3

Reika: Oh dear T_T I always thought MBD masks are really gentle. Let's hope the ingredient that makes you break out in the mask isn't included in the cleanser. o-o

katie said...

Hey thanks for the reply! :) I looked it up on Sasa, it's this one here:

I thought it only came with like 4 masks, but it comes with 4 Strawberry and 4 Aloe ^^ I guess it still is a bit pricey though, since it's around $10~ for a box of masks, and I found the cleanser on ebay for only $5 o__o; I think I'll hold out on the set and maybe try just the cleanser! :) Oh yeah, in US dollars ^^

wwww thank you for your sweet comment btw!! <3 I love this wig so much <3 <3 <3 I got it for about $16 on eBay too! XD Gosh I love ebay.... I bought another wig yesterday that I'm suuuuper excited to play with! :DD Aww I hope you like your wig!! Wigs are so much fun~ do post about it when you get it :DD

Bunny said...

Katie: I had thought you meant the one with the souffle face scrub etc in the one set. I was trying t work it out there XD It's 12.10 for the 90ml cleanser and half of that = 6.05 let's just round it up and say it's 20usd. Along with the face masks I think the price is roughly there lool. But if you found it cheaper I don't see why you would buy it O-O 5usd?!? amazing deal lool why didn't I think of using ebay ;_; ps you're very welcome sweetie :D~ omg really it looks really high quality :O! I'm really excited hehehe

tifffany_keep_going said...

thanks, i think i will buy this^_^