Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Koji Dolly Wink No.8 Pure Little Review

Yo~ I'm here with my next (and also my last) Dolly Wink review. Koji Dolly Wink Eyelash No.8 Pure Little are for your lower eyelashes. There are two types of lashes included in the pack. One of them has four strands and other one with only 2 strands. Sound a bit confusing here but refer to pictures I posted below.

I initially thougth these lashes were just one whole lash but they turned out to be individual pieces. Not only that, compared to other lashes where you get two pairs of the same lashes, here you get two pairs of different lashes. I was confused at first but in the instructions it tells you to apply 2 of each. I was struggling to put these on. It's kind of hard to apply, especially that there are different types it makes it difficult to arrange.

It looks so natural in the picture above worn by Tsubasa, but the first time I put them on it seemed a bit awkward. I couldn't get it to work out so it was a bit frustrating. ><'' These lashes definitely require practice inorder to get them the way you want them to.

This is what the lashes look like. The top lashes there are 6 pieces for each eye with 2 strands per piece. The ones on the bottom there are 5 pieces for each eye with 4 strands per piece.


Look how small these lashes are! Especially the ones with 2 strands. I have actually lost a piece already! I was just about the put it on and then I lost grip and it fell somewhere I couldn't find it.. ( ̄^ ̄) </3

Here it tells you to apply 2 of the 4 strand pieces on the outer corners and 2 of the 2 stranded pieces on the inner corner. They're very versatile so you can apply more or less of either of the lashes.

Here's me with and without the lash. They do give my eye more definition. You can't see my real lashes on the left. XD They look a bit silly here because I'm a noob at applying these.( . .) And excuse the bad eyeliner application...≧∇≦

My double and hidden double lid! )(・。・)( Looks so uneven..


So overall, I do like these lashes. But they are just so small, the pieces are easily lost, which is really poo-ey because these lashes are not cheap. Considering how small and fragile No.8 are I don't think these are worth the price therefore I won't repurchase these.

 - Clear lash band
- Comfortable to wear
- Doesn't irritate the eyes
- Light weight
- Natural
- Versatile

- Can be confusing when applying
- Delicate
- Lose them easily
- Pricey
- Requires practice to put them on

Product ★★★★☆
Price ★★★☆☆
Packaging ★★★★★
Overall Rating ★★★★☆

You know, I manually added everyone on my previous blog, it took me 2 hours, then I realise that there's an import button.. LOL GAH I'M AN IDIOT~
Anyway, see you in my next post!(・◇・)/~~~


TzeYien89 said...

you do love your dollywink lashes dont you. are u getting hold of the new ones soon? xxx

Bunny said...

@TzeYien89: I do so ;) I've bought Otona No.9 and 12 the criss cross designs It might take a few weeks before it arrives though, hate waiting for parcels. ;( wish they were sold in the UK xxx

Rinny said...

Great review! I have these and really like them because you can mix and match the top and bottom sections, but I agree that these are a pain in the butt to use because they get lost so easily. I think I've lost like 2 pieces already, and I've only used them a total of 3 or 4 times :(

novia said...

are the top lashes dolly wink no.4? =D

Shen said...

They look lovely, but like you said they're easy to lose and when you take into account the price D: Thank you for the review, looking forward to more ^^

Vampii "v.v" said...

good review ~ I've recently just started getting into falsies myself. Still pretty noob at putting on top lashes so bottom lashes are a no-go for me at this point. But I have to admit, these bottom lashes look REALLY CUTE on you. But yeah, like you said, if it can be lost easily, I'd be sure to lose them. LOL already done that with ones that AREN'T easy to lose. /sadface

And yes, I think dollywink is way too overpriced >< But sometimes, I can't help it cause the brand is so popular and the packaging is nice!! :3

Bunny said...

@Rinny: Thanks honey! Yeah I do like these lashes I wasn't happy about losing the pieces though and because it's so tiny and thin there's no chance of finding it (especially with my bad eyesight) haha. I didn't get to where the piece at all and it just disappeared into thin air ;( xxx

@Novia: Nope~ I didn't get Dolly Wink No.4 because I prefer full lashes. :) This is like, the 3rd time I've worn half lashes XD These don't have a brand, I bought them because they were soo cheap! xxx

@Shen: Yeah that's why I prefer the full lashes rather than individual lashes, I have lost so many already ;( And you're welcome my dear.^^ xxx

@Vampii: Thank you~ I've been wearing false lashes for a while now but I'm still not any good at applying them LOL. I've lost a few pairs that were kind of thick and fluttery too! But I managed to find them since they were more visible. I think most of the Dolly Winks are worth the price because these lashes are very high quality and very comfortable to wear xxx

★ JASMINE ★ said...

love the blog miss! keep up the great posts <3

following you! follow me back? :0)

Crystal said...

good review :) I've decided to buy dolly wink lashes too:)

Yoyo said...

These looks so natural~! I'm definitely going to get Dolly Wink brands when I go on holiday later this year, even though it's a bit expensive I'm definitely going to try it ^o^ Thanks for the review~

Vyvy said...

I bought these and haven't used them because I realized I don't use individual under false lashes anymore >.< too complicated for me hahah, but it look great on you!!

Missmoomin said...

Thanks much for all of the Dolly Wink reviews^^ soo helpful, I want to get some now xD Wish they were sold here in the UK, do you recommend anywhere online?
and bless you for manually adding everyone, sounds like something i'd do ><

Jen said...

They look so cute on you! haha im scared to use mine coz i know i'll drop all the pieces somewhere =.= *butterfingers*

Bunny said...

@Jasmine: Thank you, your blog is good too! xxx

@Crystal: Yeah should definitely buy them~ xxx

@Yoyo: Yeah cool where you going on holiday? :D Will be fun! xxx

@VyVy: The individual ones are so difficult to put on the baby cute no.6 are easier to apply because there are in thick chunks whereas these are just so thin. So challanging.. xxx

@MissMoomin: You're welcome sweetie~! I really recommend Dolly Winks they're amazing lashes *-* I know so sad why can't they sell them here in the UK. T^T I bet you it'll cost a bomb though XD I bought most of my DW from it's a really good website they have good reputation should give it a go :) <3 Yeah I'm a real idiot haha xxx

@Jen: Yeah I'm scared incase I lose another piece! Haha I have butterfingers too lool xxx

NaTT said...

want to prove all!! Are sooo adorable! Love Dolly Wink<3