Sunday, 1 January 2012

Koji Dolly Wink No.5 Real Nude Review

Eeek, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE :D Can you believe it? 2012 already! Time sure does fly. Hope you all had a fun and safe celebration on the last day of 2011.^^~ And may all of you have a peaceful and prosperous new year!

Also, thank you for visiting my new blog(๑╹∀╹๑), all my posts and comments from my previous blog have been moved here, so apart from a change of name and blog layout, it's pretty much the same. I will put more effort into creating more posts that are interesting and useful to you. I hope you will enjoy my future posts.(。^^。)


Here, I present you with my next Dolly Wink review. Koji Dolly Wink Eyelash No.5 Real Nude are for your lower eyelashes. It delivers a breath of loveliness and nature, like genuine lash. It gives prominence to eye area while showing subdued contour.

These are my favourite bottom lashes; I wear these lashes all the time. They are just so natural and suitable for practically all occasions. It still makes a real difference to your eyes and make them appear larger. There's no discomfort due to the thin band, they do appear to be quite delicate but after multiple uses I found out they are really durable.

These are the most natural lashes I own. Most of them are too volumous for my liking. Most days I try to go for a more natural look and these help me deliver that look very well.

I haven't felt the need to cut these lashes because they are a perfect fit!

The soft fine hair helps to achieve a simple and clean look and very comfortable to wear.

Oh.. and a pair I've been wearing for a long time -blush-

It is wonderful for those girlies who have 0 bottom lashes! (ie. myself) It is just the right length. I love these <3 If you are a beginner at applying bottom lashes I really recommend these lashes because they are just so easy to apply. At first I didn't think the lashes will last but I've had them for so long and still in top condition.

I will most definitely purchase these again!

- Clear lash band
- Comfortable to wear
- Doesn't irritate the eyes
- Easy to apply
- Perfect width
- High quality
- Light; you won't remember that you're wearing them
- Reusable
- Very natural

- Delicate
- Pricey

Product ★★★★★
Price ★★★☆☆
Packaging ★★★★★
Overall Rating ★★★★★

Thanks for reading!


Yoyo said...

Wow, it looks really natural and perfect on you~! ^o^
Love your new blog hehe~

Bunny said...

@Yoyo: Thanks a million my darling <3 xxx

Jen said...

They look so nice on you ^^ what kind of camera are u using right now? O__O the quality seems pretty good!

Bunny said...

@Jen: Thank you dear^^~ Samsung ST550 LOL I've had it for soo long. It might look okay here with flash but usually it is really off-colour. T-T