Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Dolly Wink Otona Review: 9 Naturally Dolly and 12 Feminine Girl

Hello cupcakes~! (●´◡`●)♡ I mentioned briefly before about the new Dolly Wink series called Otona. The new collection was released in late November 2011 in Japan (less than 2 months ago~!). For those of us who live on the other side of the globe had to wait patiently for online sellers to stock up.. It was a long search and waiting process but I made my order and my package is here at last!(❂◡❂)

Here it basicly says the lashes were produced personally by Tsubasa Masuwaka (that is in English as well haha.. if you're wondering I'm "translating" the Chinese text in the picture above). The next part says ~It creates a sweet charm of the ancient times.~ Okay that was a poor translation LOL nevermind but to make it easier to understand the Otona collection wants to retain a mature and sweet/cute image. Otona translates to "adult", it is a more mature style.

These lashes are handmade and so they are very high quality. There are 6 new designs. There are 3 upper lashes and 3 bottom lashes. Each pair of lashes have a complimentary pair. None from the Otona Collection are particularly dramatic. This is suitable for those who dislike the dramatic look. In my Dolly Wink first collection review I received a few comments from bloggies saying the lashes are a bit too dramatic for them. I realised they weren't everyone's cup of tea but I think new collection are going to be more suited for everyone's taste. These are lashes you can wear everyday.

Video of Otona Collection

No.9 Naturally Dolly along with No.12 caught my attention. It supposedly compliments each other well as they are criss-cross designs. Of course you don't necessarily have to buy the pair that is made for it, you can wear any other bottom lashes you wish. I got this set because it is more unique as it has a criss-cross design and I don't have many lashes with this design.

Dolly Wink No.9

Dolly Wink No.12

My review~
The packaging has a vintage feel to it. It has a plain bold coloured background and a flower design which gives it a feminine touch. It reminds me of the billboards with the plain background and plain text back in the "olden" days/60s where there wasn't photoshop etc. I think it is to deliver the era of the 60s glamourous makeup. The image they are trying to portray with these lashes, is like a vintage inspiration. It may not be as eyecatching as the Dolly Cute series but the colour scheme is nice so I still like it ~.

These lashes are criss-cross designed. Again they are very thin, but not too fragile looking. The upper lashes are alot shorter than most from the previous line, making them more wearable. I think these are just the right length to make a difference to your eyes. The quality is also really really good~!
The new line still comes with the small tube of glue from the previous collection.. Hmm, did they run out of time? XD LOL. They even brought out their new case so maybe they should have made it purple or something just to make it seem new and improved.

- Blends in well amongst your natural lashes
- Clear lash band
- Comfortable to wear
- Easy to apply
- Light weight
- Most unique design out of all the Dolly Winks as these are the only pairs with criss-cross design
- Suitable for everyday wear
- Expensive
- Lower lashes less natural
Product ★★★★★
Price ★★★☆☆
Packaging ★★★★☆
Overall Rating ★★★★☆

The lashes alone are of a very high quality I would give them 5 stars but I had to take everything else into account eg. the price etc. I gave 4 stars because 1) I still think the glue is lacking a final touch 2) I'm trying to rate them more harshly because I feel that I give most of these lashes 5 stars (except Dolly Wink Natural No.3) but truth is I really LOVE Dolly Wink lashes (or I wouldn't have bought more than 1 for the first collection) and I think Otona 9 (Naturally Dolly) is a MUST PURCHASE. 12 (Feminine Girl) ~ I really love the design of the upper lashes (no.9) I do like the lower lashes (no.12) too but they are slightly too long.

I don't feel the urge to buy more from the collection not because I don't like them, but the designs are somewhat similar to the previous ones.. and I'm really poor right now. Dolly Wink brought out two new eyelash glues. There is a clear type and one this is in black, I can just imagine that glue to be quite messy so I think I'll pass. The also have new brow pencils, mascara and powder all for your eyebrows which I take no interest in (because I don't do my eyebrows LOLOLOL, that was my little secret.. -runs away blushing-


HitomiNeko said...

hahahah my cons would also be expensive~~~~~

but it looks really nice~~~ so tempted >_<

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

Bunny said...

@HitomiNeko: They are pretty expensive but so worth it! You'll not regret buying them^^ and thanks for your comment dear~ ♥

TzeYien89 said...

OMG where did u order these from I can't wait to get my hands on the new dollywink lashes! xxx

Yoyo said...

Waii looks so pretty!~ They must be very delicate since I can't even really see the lash band in the photo hehe~ >o<

Jen said...

Tbh, i hate those bottom lashes, they remind me of the cheap china 10-pack ones? Idk, look weird but I like the upper lshes (tho in one of your pics they look the same O___O like length and all). they look good on you! great pick & ty for reviewing a pair in the new lash series

Anonymous said...

Man I love DollyWink lashes! I'm always a little jelly tho cuz since I have natural lashes, I can't wear them since the designs don't even show up.. Buuuuu.
Anywho, I'm loving your blog! You're very cute! Would love if you checked out my blog too!

♥ Denise ♥ said...

These falses are great and giving enlarging effect though they are still relatively natural :)!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Such pretty lashes! So wispy! ^_^

Jessi said...

Your eyes are so pretty!! I've been looking forward to this line so thanks for the review!! I agree that it's kind of random that they have the Dolly Wink glue in with the Otona line.. still wanna try it though!

suki pooki said...

Nice lashes but I'm way too lazy to learn how to put them on hahaha oh and I don't really do much to my eyebrows too! >< At the very most I just trim them a bit hahahaha

pricillia lumantoro said...

I ordered no9 also and it will be arrived maybe next week,cant wait for it :)
followed<3 follow my blog :)

Eccentricxcrush said...

These lashes look so nice, but the bottom lashes look too long for my taste.

I like how when you close your eyes, you can't tell that you have falsies on.

I don't do make up on my eyebrows either.

NaTT said...

Are sooo cute >_<
Want to prove it!
Really like your blog! Lovely too!
**Follow you**

sgrmse. said...

superdeeduperly LOVE your blog header!! :D :D and you're mad pretty.

Sanna said...

aww, I love them... The video is great !

Paula Yang said...

Wow, They are expensive but I think they look the same as well. They're pretty though. I think the bottom lashes are almost the same length as the top lashes.
But overall, they look super nice on you C:

Isabel said...

Even though it's already shorter, I still think it's kinda long x.x Maybe I need to see them in real life first

Sassi said...

thanks for your tips!

Simply x Classic said...

what a great review! <3
follow each other?

Phoebe Limanta said...

The lashes look great on you! Thanks for the review :)

Huda said...

They look so nice! Too bad they're expensive, though. Thanks for sharing!

jane said...

Those look so adorable!
I love these reviews~

Mai said...

Oh i seen so much reviews on these i should of picked these up before ><!
CMPang x