Sunday, 4 December 2011

Lush Cosmetics Haul + Mini Review

The first snow has fallen as of yesterday! (Can you guess where I am? ;)) In the perfect mood to just sit by the window with a nice cup of hot chocolate (with dozens of marshmallows on top - yum), wrapped up in blankets. I wish it was Christmas eve, this would be a splendid atmosphere.

Just a mini Lush haul

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

This is my favourite Lush item. It has a very strong bubblegum scent. It smells absolutely gorgeous. Love, love, love the colour it's soo pink I instantly feel girlified having this product. I ran for a shower after my Lush order came because this stuff is just amazing. The scent stays on you all day long. I keep sniffing my arm, I hope it doesn't look too odd.. This is only available at Christmas time which makes it extra special.
Rating:  ★★★★★

Bubble Gum Lip Scrup

Ah this smells just like the Snow Fairy with the candyfloss bubblegum like scent. Clears away dead skin and leaves my lips super soft! This is great for winter because my lips do tend to get extremely dry. I absolutely adore this product.

Rating:  ★★★★★

Porridge Soap

Very creamy I really like the texture of this soap. Leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturised. But I'm not really liking the smell of this, it is slightly off putting but it feels good on the skin and not too abrasive. Bits of oats will come off this bar which can be quite a nuisance.

Rating:  ★★★☆☆ 

Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

It smells a little like toffee and I find it very calming. There's a small area of the honeycomb which mine came off straight away. Slightly expensive considering I've already used most of it, it melts really quickly. But it's a good soap. I just won't be able to repurchase often.

Rating:  ★★★★☆



MuiMui said...

Ahh... Hot chocolate and marshmallows *w*..
The Bubble Gum Lip Scrub looks really nice (^^) I want one >o<

Jess said...

I have one of the lip crubs but I have it in POW WOW, tastes weird. Wish Id gone for the bubblegum one but it is amazing :) xxx

kristie said...

i love LUSH. their products are so yummy.

Blushing Basics

m. ng said...

i LOVE LOVE lush!!! but we don't get the brand here. you're so lucky to have all of these. i'm superduper jealous!

Viva La Shoes said...

Mmmm, lush is amazing!
I love your blog, I'm a new follower! Would you have a look at mine? I'm rather new!

loveletters and snippets said...

Mmmmm lush.

These bits look lovely. The bubblegum scrub is on my list for santa :-)


Margaret said...

Oh i love Snow Fairy as well ! It just smells absolutely delish. And the Bubblegum lip scrub, my friend has it. And every time I use some, I just want to eat it all up :9

Obsession said...

Hehe yep yummy :D xxx

I was going to purchase Pow Wow or the bubblegum one and I picked the pink jar because it's too pretty

Yeah very yummy! Not that they're edible LOL xxx

Oh that's a bit pooey, you can maybe buy from the Lush website :) xxx

Viva La Shoes:
Thank you very much! I'll pop by your blog xxx

Loveletters and Snippets:
Thanks haha not long until Santa comes! xxx

Yeah love Snow Fairy, the bubblegum scrub smells just like it and it's made up of sugar so you can kind of taste it without ending up in the hospital for eating it (but I still wouldn't recommend you to eat it all up LOL) xxx

Abbie said...

nice! is bubblegum any good? snow fairy is so so nice, I'm very envious of you right now :D

artistico said...

this smells just like you said .. i can smell it ./.. and your atmosphere you told us is gorgeous !!! These bits look lovely.

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