Thursday, 29 December 2011

Koji Dolly Wink No.3 Natural Girly Review

Yoohoo, I'm back with my second Dolly Wink review. Koji Dolly Wink Eyelash (Natural Girly) comes in an elongated thin lash strip which is soft yet gives outstanding curling effect. The texture of the lashes is very similar to real lashes which make it easier to use with lower chance of allergies. This lash can create a cute look for you with sharp and defined eyes.

 I don't think these are natural but they are less dramatic (compared to other Dolly Winks). They look subtle only because they are so sparse but length wise they are longer that Dolly Wink No.1 Dolly Sweet which makes these lashes tremendously long.

Again, packaging is really cute. It's the same style as the Dolly Sweet but in purple~.

It shows you how to apply these lashes and how to remove them. Most eyelashes go through the same procedure.

These lashes are very sparse and the length is constant throughout.

I've only got one pair left. I only worn a pair twice and the third time I ripped it by accident. I was in a hurry ( ̄^ ̄)..

I'm savouring my last pair!

These lashes are less dramatic than No.1 Dolly Sweet. However they are still extremely long. They don't look as bad on camera but in real life you will be able to spot them a long distance away. It kind of looks like I'm wearing daddy long legs on my eyes, so maybe a little creepy on me. ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ Perhaps, my least favourite out of the Dolly Wink series.

- Clear lash band
- Comes with a glue
- Comfortable to wear
- Easy to apply
- Light weight

Extremely delicate
- Not "natural"
- Pricey

Product ★★★★☆
Price ★★★☆☆
Packaging ★★★★★
Overall Rating ★★★☆☆

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MuiMui said...

You look really cute! Thanks for the review ^^

Cathy said...

Cute blog!
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Yoyo said...

I guess they are very delicate hehehe~ ^^;
This looks nice on you~ But I think NO.1 is a bit more natural on you since these are REALLY long LOL ^o^

Simply x Classic said...

thanks for the review! <3

Rinny said...

You are so pretty! ^^

I like how these look so natural from afar, but I agree that these would look very unnatural up close in person. They look even longer than the #1's.

And thanks so much for following my blog! You write really great reviews - I just subscribed to your blog too :)

junwei said...

You are so pretty!
These false lashes look really natural. I like you blog!

Joanne said...

they do look long but really quite natural. :) i like it!

Love & Looks said...

You are so cute! <3 I've been reading up on the No.3 lashes and so far I think I'll be buying some of them:) Thanks for the review! I'll be following you now^^Cute blog^^

Elizabeth Ira said...

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