Sunday, 13 November 2011

Charles Worthington: Salon at Home Strength & Repair kit

Charles Worthington has recently launched a new "Salon at Home" range, which is a home alternative to a salon finish.

When hair is damaged by colouring or heat styling it becomes prone to chipping, tangling and breakage. Strength & Repair is scientifically proven to strengthen hair and reduce these breakages by 93%. Enriched with our unique Renevoil Complex™, the hair repair oil penetrates deep inside the hair cuticle, making it smoother and less prone to damage.

Restore dry, damaged hair with this salon-inspired hair repair treatment. Enriched with Renovoil Complex™, scientifically proven to strengthen hair and reduce breakage by 93%, giving you stunningly silky hair, all from the comfort of your own home.
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Step 1:  Hair Repair Oil
This is for dry hair, so I dispensed a few pumps on to the palm of my hand before applying it all over my hair, focusing on the ends which is most prone to breakage. Only quote it lightly, applying too much may end up looking greasy. Next I put on the plastic cap provided in the kit which claims to penetrate oils deep into the hair cuticles. After 10 minutes I gently rinsed out with warm water for 1 minute.

Step 2:  Strength and Repair Shampoo
I apply the shampoo on to my wet hair, lathering and rinsed thoroughly.
Step 3:  Intensive Hair Repair Masque
After shampooing, I squeezed out the excess water before applying the Repair Masque liberally through my hair. You leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse out thoroughly.

Apply the treatment once a week for maximum results.

My thoughts
Having pretty dry hair, which means it doesn't look very healthy, the situation had worsened after years of constant hair dying and heat styling. I've been quite sick of my dry, over-processed hair and so I have dyed my hair back to black (only a week ago actually)! It's been years since I have had black hair and I really couldn't get used to my hair being that colour, even my sister said I looked so different.. except she said I looked "weird". Anyway, I dyed my hair back to my original hair colour, it does actually look healthier now because black restores most shine and since I got my hair cut again (above chest - previously touched my back side) but I wanted it to be my original state. I do use the Essential Kao hair mask and Vo5 hair treatment oils but it just wasn't enough. So I tried CW Hair Repair Kit. I feel that there is a noticeable difference in my hair. The products leave my hair with quite a pleasant smell.

Would I recommend this product?
I think I would recommend it especially to those with over processed hair. Although It's suitable for all hair types and colours. It's only a 15 minute process, most treatments take about that duration and the finished results are fantastic. It's something worth trying.

Variants from this range:
Shine Booster
Strength & Repair
Straight & Smooth - non-coloured hair
Straight & Smooth - coloured hair (Please note that it is not suitable for bleached hair)


All products retail at £19.99
(Only available in Boots - Receive 500 points with your purchase)

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