Friday, 27 May 2011

Sasa Haul

Sasa is the place to buy Asian beauty brands at great prices. They offer a huge range of healthcare and beauty products including Koji, Skinfood, Skin79 and even high end brands like SK-II, Suisse Programme, Shiseido and many more.
Facts about
Reputable Company

·  Sa Sa is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
· is the official website of Sa Sa International Holdings Limited (The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong:178).
·  Sa Sa has received the Hong Kong Tourism Board Quality Service Award for its guaranteed quality service.
·  Sa Sa has been chosen one of Hong Kong's "Superbrands". In the US, this honour has been attained by such pre-eminent brands as Coca-Cola, IBM, FedEx and Sony.

Their new homepage banner features KatyBeauty. This had really brought an interest to me as I watch all her tutorials and I could say she is one of my favourite gurus. Watch her Youtube tutorials here!


Every time I want to buy on Sasa there’s always something that I want out of stock, if I wait for it to be in stock, the other item that I also wanted which was in stock previously goes out of stock... So I can never get all the things I want at once. That is one frustrating thing about their online website. This is the problem that you will encounter on; their popular items are most likely to be out of stock, which is super annoying. Preventing or even reducing out of stock items is an improvement they need to make, but apart from that the whole Sasa shopping experience is perfect.

I made my order on the 15th of May, it was dispatched on the 19th and I received it on the 25th! The whole process took less than 2 weeks and considering it came all the way from Hong Kong, that is what I call speedy shipping.

Free shipping on orders over $75US(~£45) 


Rinny said...

Nice haul! I have the Silk Whitia masks and really like them; they're super moisturizing :D I want the Dollywink #8 lower lashes as well - they look like they're quite natural ^^

mimi said...

wowww~ I never knew there was such a thing as sasa outlets! I always thought of sasa as just an online store~ Now you make me want to go to HK more~ >< jealousss~

BB. said...

I'm looking forward to trying it out^^ I always go with My Beauty Diary masks so I haven't tried other brands but I think I'll try out other brands too :3

Well there are outlets but it's mainly stores in malls I don't know why I said outlets LOL. There's like at least a Sasa store in every district.^-^ But yeah HK is a must-visit destination~!

Kati カティ said...

Sasa is super good indeed! :D Love it here in HK.... and anyway very nice blog <3 I'm new reader ^^

Lovelykimi said...

i like sasa

pinkmashumaro said...

Yep me too :)

pinkmashumaro said...

Wow you live in HK super jealous ~ And thank you very much! <3