Saturday, 21 May 2011

NYX Haul

Before I forget to mention this, my last post The Girl Who Never Removed her Makeup  there were comments asking where they could watch the episode. You can watch it right here.^-^

After reading Chaigyaru's recent post I felt the need to buy these lippies, they look cute and so I thought I'd give them a try. This is the first time purchasing NYX cosmetics as it is a US brand and I live in the UK and sometimes I think it's a hassle buying from an online webite that is located far away, I can be really impatient waiting for my orders to arrive through the post and also a lot of the times I have to pay a fee for paying in different currencies, so unless I really want it I refrain myself from buying it. I notice NYX cosmetics are really inexpensive but the reviews that I have read are always positive so I was quite confident in buying these.

Here's What I Got:
NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - LG129 Beige
NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - LG136 Dolly Pink
NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - LG137A Perfect Red
NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - LG122 Natural
NYX Round Lipstick - LSS588 Orange Soda
NYX Round Lipstick - LSS522 Circe
NYX Round Lipstick - LSS644 Spell Bound

Beige neutral colour with a tint of pink

Dolly Pink a fuschia colour. This is quite tasty (lol) it's kind of minty and taste like bubble gum. yummy~.

Perfect Red vibrant with this you can achieve the perfect red lips

Natural neutral colour it is almost my natural lip colour.. I'm aswell wearing clear lipgloss.^^'

Orange Soda I am impressed with the Orange Soda the colour is extremely nice. It is similar to the Circe but with an orange tint which I really like.

Circe at first I thought that it was a bit like GOSH Darling but it turns out Darling is a bit lighter. I actually prefer NYX's Circe because it is more natural looking. Darling kind of looks strange on me because it is a lot lighter than my skin colour, but usually I just dab it on lightly so it doesn't make my lips look white.

Spell Bound it's such a pretty colour, one of my favourites.

They are really creamy and moist on my lips and haven't dried up my lips so far. Sometimes lipsticks or lipglosses have that plastic taste to it which really puts me off but these definitely don't have that taste infact they have a pleasant smell to it. Overall, I really like these. You shall expect me to be purchasing more NYX products.(n_n)~


mimi said...

haha your lips aren't weird at all~ I love the NYX lipgloss and round lipstick (: There's soo many colors! But the round lipsticks have a soapy taste~ ><

Rinny said...

Great haul! I got a few of the colors you got too, can't wait for them to come in! Orange Soda looks really pretty on you!

Obsession said...

@Mimi: Aw thank you Mimi^^' I don't like the shape of them still LOL but I'll learn to accept~. Haha yes me too! I want to try the black label next time. I noticed that with the round lipsticks too but at least it's not the plastic-y taste x3

@Rinny: Thanks~. Oh you got more!? You have loads already XD! Aw thank you I really like the colour too<3

Omnom Neko said...

Your lips are not weird! I find them cute >W<
I love the colours you got. NYX looks like a good brand. Thanks for the review.

Anonymous said...

@Omnom Neko:
Thank you you are too sweet~!