Saturday, 21 May 2011

Dariya Palty Gel Eyeliner Silver and Gold

Dariya Palty Glitter Gel Eyeliner performs very sharp and shimmery eye look. Like applying metallic sparkle, alluring and sexy gaze is realized. With tilt-tipped brush, it allows various results. Quick-dry formula ensures quick and easy application.

Black: It is suggested to apply to both eye lines and outer eye corner, for sharper face contour.
Gold: It is suggested to apply to lower eye line, for low-tone gorgeous look.
Silver: It is suggested to apply to lower eye line and inner eye corner, for big, round eyes.

I actually bought this a long time ago but I forgot about it.. it's never been opened.(^_^') The gold gel liner I bought in Colourmix for $79HKD and the silver gel liner from Bonjour for $68HKD. Bonjour and Colourmix are cosmetic retailers like SaSa, but SaSa takes the lead in the HK beauty supply store. I always find SaSa and Colourmix very similar in style but I guess SaSa invests more in commercial advertisements which increases consumption of their products.

The Dariya gel liner is more of a highlight colour for the inner corner of your eyes. It does brighten your eyes up, but you'll have to build up on the colour with some extra strokes before a more intense colour will show up if you don't you'll only see some sparkles.


This gel liner is waterproof. I was running it under warm water it didn't even budge, nor did it come off using regular eye makeup remover. You need an oily based remover to get it off. I'm an amateur at using gel liner I don't think I can produce well controlled strokes as you can see in the pictures it looks quite stubborn, but if you are a regular user at gel liner it might be easier for you.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


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Rinny said...

The gold looks pretty! I like how it looks on the model on the package :D

xixi said...

It looks so pretty :D!

Obsession said...

@Rinny: Yeah I prefer the gold one too. It looks so much better on the model^^'~

@Baby.xi: Yeah but raelly I'm not a fan of gel liners, I like eye pencils or liquid liners more.^-^

Yuki-Nee said...

Its really pretty colors ! But I prefer powder as make up :o

Obsession said...

The gel liner? :D thanks for your comment<3

Marion ♥ said...

They both look good! :3 I want one too.

Obsession said...

Haha I can't say it works wonders, it kind of reminds me of the urban decay glitter liner but less expensive. Colours are limited - only gold, silver and black. I was only attracted by Yui Kanno on the packaging. XD

Omnom Neko said...

The gold and the silver are so pretty~
Thanks for the review :]

LiLy said...

Absolutely gorgeous colors! ;)
I don't blog about makeup now, but do about sth kawaii stuff you may like, so plz check it out and you are more welcome if you subscribe it! thanX!

BB said...

@Omnom Neko:
Thanks for your comment*-*

Thank you I'll be sure to check out your blog!

Diana said...

Hi! I;m a new follower!
I'm really liking your blog & the variety of content you have!

Hope you can come check out my blog as well when you get a chance :)


maki said...

ii usually don't wear glitter,
but those are very pretty colors(:
ii love love love your page^^
keep up the good work^.-

-Love, Maki