Sunday, 1 May 2011

Korean Girl Removes Her Makeup After 2 Years

A Korean variety show 화성인 X-File shocked the audience as they follow the story of a girl with a makeup addiction. It was no ordinary addiction. The 20 year old wore full face makeup 24 hours a day, even to sleep, for two years.

She started to wear makeup in high school and since then her family have not yet seen her bare faced. She became so obsessed with makeup she hadn't removed it since. She even wore it to sleep, there were no exceptions. Her mother said she is already beautiful without the makeup. However the girl is not convinced and wanted to maintain her idea of beauty 24/7. Mirrors were more or less her best friend. Everywhere she goes there was a mirror in sight. During meal times, going out skiing (in the tv series it showed her skiing on a slope and stopped all of a sudden to reapply her makeup... Despite the fact you couldn't see her face because she was wearing ski goggles). And even before she sleeps she brings out a mirror and retouches her make up, applying layer after layer, over her old existing makeup.

However maintaining her 24 hour a day / 7 days a week/ 52 weeks a year heavy makeup has long-term effect on her skin. Up close it is very apparent that she has bumps all over her face and that her pores were fully clogged. It was not until her mother became very concerned and confronted her to go see a skin specialist. Her skin test revealed that she has the skin of a 40 year old. Little did she know that makeup can cause so much damage to the skin and as soon the dermatologist revealed the results, she removed her makeup.

The makeup artists helped her transformed her to a more natural her with minimal makeup. She was very pleased about her new look and even removed her wig. She claims that she is now very satisfied with this makeup and felt more like herself. She felt very fresh.

This post is more of a translation. I read this on a Chinese blog and thought I'd share. I was shocked.  Crazy things people do for beauty. Moral of the story: always remove your makeup.

^ Her and the boyfriend

Link to her Cyworld.
There are comments asking where you can watch the episode online. You can watch it right here.


Mie said...

WHOA That is scary... and just overall unhealthy x1000! She needed a serious wake up call..

Thanks for your recommendations~

Obsession said...

Yeah it's crazy! I was just thinking she never removed her makeup which means for that period of time she didn't washed her face at all! Sounds quite gross ~ lol She must have not realised how much damage it could do to her skin. Possibly a facial everyday for the next few years can maybe improve her skin. XD Thank you for leaving a comment^^

Marion ♥ said...

Hi! I'm followed just now. :3 And I'm intrigued with this post >_< It's so amazing that she doesn't want to take the makeup off. Woah.

Fey ☆ Avangeline said...

OMG. thats... crazy...
i wear make up only during weekends and its only saturday and sunday and sometimes its like once a week 0_______0

anyways, thanks for the recommendations!

Fey ☆ Avangeline said...

OH forget to say.. do they have it on youtube? i wanna watch it TQ :)

Winnie* said...

that's ridiculous. thing is how did she not know, like seriously? I remember breaking out from one of the Clinique's lotion too! I thought they are the mildest things ever (fooled by their ads), got one and completely broke me out. Returned it right away lol.

Sandy ♥ said...

wooow for 2 whole years?! :o that's crazyyy ! and skin like a 40 year old? damn >.< !

©lara said...

It's ridiculous to give so much importance to "beauty". Thanks to share with us that :o !
Your blog is really interesting ^_^!

©lara said...

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xixi said...

Omg!!! She looks so pretty, no need for all the makeup on a daily basis T_T..

Nob Miura said...

I'm follow now
Please follow back

Alice said...

Interesting story. .___. It makes me think twice before passing out at night and not wanting to remove makeup cause I'm so dead tired and lazy.

Thanks for sharing <3

Anonymous said...

She's already so pretty! Why???
Vanity is so dangerous.

miss marshmello said...

lovely blog ^^


Obsession said...

@Marion,Sandy, Miss Marshmello:
Thanks for leaving a comment :3!

I don't think it is because I found it on a Chinese website ;_; It was an embedded video so it must have been from a different link. I'll look for it and let you know when I find it^^

Omg really??! I thought it was just me! They told me that I was having breakouts because their system is working and it's cleaning out the pores but I wasn't convinced U_U I still have it lols such a waste binning it, I'll use it for display LOL! Really, I don't think your skin should go through that process inorder to achieve better skin.

I know right! Her facial bone structures etc are like perfect ~ Still super pretty without makeup*-*

Obsession said...

@Lara: Haha thanks for reading! I didn't think many people would read it because it was a rather long post with no pictures, just plain text. XD I'd love to hear you share your experience! Omg omg talk to me ~ Lols! I haven't spoke to anyone about it either because I wasn't sure if it was normal.. but then I found out I'm not the only one! That I was still sane. x)

LOL TALKING COW. :') Now that you mention it there's never animals in my dreams (not that I remember) It's mostly spiritual things maybe because I'm more sensitive about it. But sometimes it just makes me wonder,, hey this isn't real, it can't be! When I realise it WAS just a dream I feel a sense of relief. XD But it's then it becomes more of a horror movie which I am terrified of so I try and wake myself up anyway. You really have to push yourself to wake up it's definitely not easy.

Oh yeah I remember when I was in the lucid state I was swimming and I was really practicing my breast strokes LOL it was crazy. Even when I was driving I followed the steps etc I had complete control over the gear stick and the wheel etc. Lucid dreaming can be really practical ~

I know exactly how you feel. I think the mind is trying to trick you that you are awake but you're not. Then you transform to another place and it's like.. so I wasn't awake afterall. It's like Brain, why you play me for??!

For me I can only sleep for so many hours then I become braindead and I can't cope with sleeping anymore. So yeah I'm not much of a sleeper despite having such an interest in lucid dreaming. Hence I don't think I'd be that obsessed with it that I no longer want to wake up.

Obsession said...

@Anon: Yeah it definitely is. There's so many shocking stories about how much people go through just to look good and achieve something flawless. All because an obsession with beauty.. But there might be a consequence that follows up that might not be all that worth it.

@Alice: I feel like that after a night out! But I somehow manage to drag myself to the bathroom and wash it off. XD

TheeFknGoddess said...

Wow this is a really interesting post!


Riya said...

Is she for real?! Wow, good that she finally started to remove her make-up :/ I also can't bear to wear make-up for too long a full day is okay but by evening latest it itches me to take it off *laughs*

Elle said...

That's pretty insane but I actually like interesting stories like this. Thanks for sharing and it'll always be a reminder to always cleanse your face daily.

Coco!♥ said...

Whoa most intereseting post I've ever read haha!
She's really pretty but I don't think that's because of her make-up..
And dayum girlll, make up on for so many hours!
It's kinda unbelievable hehe ^^"
anyways, love ur blog.. followed ya!


kokorochocosworld said...

oh my can you wear make up every day??
She looks very pretty, i think without make up she´s also pretty. I don´t understand why she thinks she had to wear make up every second XP
My Sister is a little like her, thats really scary. She always needs to put make up on ,and most time she don´t remove it. I told her that it damages her skin, and its unhealthy ² ,but she don´t changed it. Maybe i should send her this post X3

Diana said...

Wow, what a great post. Thanks for translating! So crazy and almost a bit gross? I barely wear a full face but when I do it's so obvious that there's a ton of stuff weighing on your face. -_- I'm glad she is happier with herself now.

J00CiiEx said...

oh wow she does look better with natural make up

suki pooki said...

Wow that's nuts! I actually heard the radio hosts talking about her a few days ago and I couldn't believe that she had 40yr old skin!!! Not to mention she already looks lovely without any makeup on! It's great that you posted this and let everyone know that 24/7 makeup is super unhealthy!

Isabel said...

Ew.. That's so scary.. Layer over layer?! x_x Are her photos photoshopped as well? gosh.. She's so pretty without all that stuff!

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mimi said...

wahhhh!~ that's just ewwwww~ T__T I can't stand having makeup on longer than a day.. it makes me feel so oily and dirty at the end of the day D: Thank you for the interesting news for the day!~ (: haha~

btw you're gorgeous~ *__*

Obsession said...

Aw thanks^-^]

Yep she finally sees sense! I wonder if you can fix 40 year old skin..

Haha yes I was intrigued when I first read it!

Yes I agree she's beautiful without the make up ;_; And thank you <3

Wearing makeup everyday is fine but not removing is definitely not fine! XD LOL your sister won't be happy to see this.

You are welcome^^ Yes I agree

Yep she didn't need that much make up to begin with!

@suki pooki said:
Oh wow it was on the radio?! Yes *sighs* the makeup totally ruined her skin

@Isabel said:
I think she does photoshop some of her own pictures but in the TV show she still looks really pretty and not much change^^

@ウィンターちゃん Wynter Chan :
Lol thanks ^_______^ I'll check it out :D

I can't stand not washing my face never mind not removing the extra dirt from the make up! Haha you are very welcome^^ and thank you too <3

Rinny said...

This is a great post. That's crazy how she could have gone for 2 whole years without ever removing her makeup. I guess I can sorta see why she became so obsessed with makeup though. Once you start to wear it, you become very insecure about your bare face. There's nothing wrong with wearing it everyday, but at least wash it off at night! I think she honestly looks cuter with less makeup though :)

Great blog you have here Luna! Thanks for following btw, I'm following you as well now :D

sweet hanan said...

OMG!FTW!it was too dangerous if u don't remove makeup!me oso remove a makeup,and yeah,she's soo cute,she shud remove her makeup if not her skin would damage slowly

Rinny said...

@BB: Haha aww I'm the same way too, I only follow blogs that have content that interests me :D Love your blog as well; I'm hoping to see more interesting posts from you! ^^

PinkOrchids said...

This was so interesting to read, thank you! I am so envious of her, she looks so pretty with and without make-up, why did she do such a silly thing of not removing it, so bad for the skin :( Glad she learnt her lesson before it was too late though. Thanks for your recommendation, i always wondered whether bionics was a good skin range, i think i'll try it out, i'm currently looking for a good make-up remover as my one is discontinued :( xX

Shan said...

so interesting! it's true makeup can make your skin bad. i use to never have whiteheads or blackheads then i started using makeup and now i have them =(

nice blog btw =] i followed

Chococcuro said...

This is a really interesting article!! Thanks for translating and sharing! While I think she looked really good with all that makeup, the more minimalist makeup looked just as good! I can see how she got the way she was though...ever since I started wearing more make up I feel very embarrassed going out without it. You think that once people have seen you with makeup on they would be disappointed with what you really look like. This girl though, is really very pretty even without makeup, so she is very lucky :)

Jodie said...

Waah.... I have to say.. That girl's quite the boss! I'm glad she stopped.

shawna cheng said...

woow she's so beautiful without the makeup!

sugarmouse. said...

i love that picture of her with her boyfriend. she's so pretty!! i doubt she needs all that make-up even. it's so weird how pretty girls never know that they're pretty.

Paulaayangg said...

Omg, shes so pretty yet she does the stupidest thing. As long as everything is okay now. This makes me scared to put on makeup. Thank god I don't put on foundation or concealer D: