Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Best of Skin79

SKIN79 is a very popular South Korean brand producing BB cream. They provide effective BB creams that contains natural plant extracts that are safe, organic, and of the highest quality, the perfect skin care cosmetic for our delicate skin. Skin79 won several awards and were the No.1 BB Cream Brand in Korea and Asian Cosmetic Markets.

Skin79 Oriental Gold BB cream
Rich moisture, the consistency is similar to a foundation. It brightens your face and gives a dewy finish. My face does get a bit oily after a while though so I recommend you set it with a powder. Built in lip and cheek tint which is very convenient, especially if you are on the go.

What attracted me most about this BB cream is the packaging. It looks so sleek and elegant. Despite that, the pump is slightly off. I don't like the fact it comes out from the middle of the nozzle because there's always residue left on the surface, so there is a hygiene issue here.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Skin79 Super+ Triple Function BB cream

I was comparing the colours of the BB creams and this seemed to be the darkest out of them all.. but of course it's still quite light because BB creams were originally made for asians, and most asians love a pale complexion.

The consistency is thicker than the Oriental BB cream but it blends in really easily. It gives a very natural coverage and the oil control is excellent! It feels really light on the skin it's so natural it's as if you don't have anything on the skin at all. Definitely one of my favourite BB creams.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Skin79 Luminous Pearl BB cream

Too shimmery for my liking, not a fan of the sparkles it's very fluid. Lightest in colour out of the 5 BB creams. To me, it's not very natural. I decided to try it before I went out but the shimmery effect is too noticeable. I immediately removed it, I'm scared to wear this outside..

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Skin79 Super+ BB Cream Gold Label

Very similar to the Super+ Triple Function BB cream. So again, very light on the skin and excellent oil control. Really brightens your complexion. It is very natural and suitable for daily use.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Tip for a flawless application: Face make up have a tendency of sticking or clinging to dry or flaky patches on your skin. To prevent this - gently exfoliate skin in circular motion with warm water. Then rinse by using cold water ~ this helps tighten your pores and protect it from damage to the skin. Use a moisturiser and wait about 10-15 minutes as this will allow your skin to absorb the moisturiser before applying your BB cream.


★00★ said...

I was trying to decide between Super + and Oriental... I still can't quite choose! The blush tint looks so adorable from the oriental one though...

Silver Sparkles Shine said...

Thanks for the BB creme review! I was debating which Skin 79 BB creme to purchase, and now after reading your blog..I know now! Thanks a bunch =)

Obsession said...

Super + is suitable for oily/combination skin. Oriental is more suitable for dry/combination skin. The blush is super cute the color is really nice but honestly I still prefer my own blush..XD You could always try the minature sizes to help you choose the one that suits you best! :)

@Silver Sparkles Shine:
Awwies, thank you I'm glad you found my post useful.^^

suki pooki said...

Thanks for the review on so many bbcreams, it's a shame because I always think the shades are too dark for my skin =( I wish they made some for darker complexions!

wen ♡ said...

Aw I love your blog~! :D You look so cute. Followin' ^w^

Sandy ♥ said...

great reviews :) and thanks for the tip at the end ^__^

Obsession said...

@Suki Pooki:
You're welcome! I'm in love with BB creams ~ Hopefully they would bring out more shades in the future^^

Really you do? Thank you!

@Sandy: Thanks ~ It really helps application of face make up ^-^. Also it feels sooo good after you use cold water, it's so refreshing *-*

mikan (ミカン) said...

ah i have luminous pearl and gold label as well! gold label better suited me, like you said, and the luminous one was way too shimmery as well. but since i bought it already, i realized it works VERY well for under-eye area! because it is more shimmery, it hides the dark circles (if stay out late <3) and blends with the gold label just fine! :) just idea for you in case you just have it sitting around. <3

Obsession said...

@mikan mimi (ミカン):
I've never thought of that actually! Thank you very much for the tip I was for throwing it away haha I'll give it a try. Thanks! ^-^

Rinny said...

I have the Oriental one and really like it but I wanna try the Hot Pink one next! I have dry skin though, so I think I probably should use the Gold version but the pink bottle is so much cuter!

Jodie said...

I didn't like the oriental one ~_~
I'll try the pink one, one day :)

pinkmashumaro said...

Yeah I wouldn't say it was the best bb cream either^^' The Triple Function bb cream is definitely better or the Gold label ^^ ~