Sunday, 6 March 2011

Yumetenbo / DreamV / 夢展望 / Rakuten

Gyaru fashion is a hot fashion trend in Japan. It is eye catching and sweet looking. When I found out about Yumetenbo I think I fell in love. ♥ The online website is regularly advertised on Popteen and Ageha. After drooling over it for so long I decided to make a purchase from it.

Items I bought are shown below:

I advise you to buy through Rakuten as they have an English web page. You will need to register to buy, the registration process is in Japanese but you could use a translator, most of it is pretty straight forward. They also have a Facebook page if you have any inquiries. Yumetenbo official website is in Japanese apart from the tabs, you could still look around on it since it is well categorised and more organised. :)

Everything went so smoothly until..*SLAP* custom tax.
I had never been charged customs before hence it was a bit of a shock for me. T_T
It was around $55USD, I paid it and they delivered it the following day.

Overall I am happy with my purchase. The quality of the items - some are better than others but none of it were too bad.

Rating: ★★★☆☆
I would have gave it 3.5/5 but I don't know how to get a half star.^^''

Reasonable prices
Fast communication
They do speak English - bit of Broken-English but it was better than I thought
Fast shipping - took 4 days only!
Parcel tracking facility

Language barrier - their English is okay to some degree, the items have really strange/awkward names I believe a translator had been used. A confirmation email was sent to me in Japanese I used Google translate it didn't help much but I replied saying "CONFIRM" anyway even though I'm not sure I had to. Well it worked anyway. Hahaha.
Out-of-stock items - Items are quickly out of stock (check the "in-stock" box to prevent this) especially specified colors and sizes. (mostly colors)
Customs charge (which was really just my luck) - just don't buy too much to avoid it XD


Angela said...

I would like to ask, did you reply to the email address they used to send the confirmation email?

pinkmashumaro said...

Sorry I only just read your comment ^^' Yes I practically replied to everything they sent me. I just typed in English. I noticed they changed my email address to a completely different layout because I assume that's the way they set it out in Japan. They wrote back to me in English aswell saying "sorry your parcel has already been sent" lmao. But it wasn't a problem cause it still reached me.