Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Lucid Dreaming

Today I was thinking about how I used to realise that I'm dreaming in a dream. It's a very unusual sensation. All of a sudden I became very curious about it, and so I decided to google it and to my surprise there are actually many posts about it. It even teaches you how to alter your dreams.

Interesting topic sprang to mind: lucid dreaming.  Everyone can lucid dream but not everyone can manipulate them, some are just born with this ability, and it just comes naturally, others may require some practice.

Lucid dreaming is like living in your own virtual world, that you create and have complete control over. Well if you know how to control your dream, that is. Well everyone's going to sleep hence dream; whether you remember your dreams or not is a different story. It would be more enjoyable to make the most out of the time your sleeping. It helps you to learn things. You are able to do practical things. And your brain acts the way it would if it was in real life which allows you think about the situations more thoroughly and you will be mentally prepared.

Although it rarely happens to me now I still remember when it did. I didn't know it was possible to manipulate your own dreams. Well I managed to do it a couple of times without realising I just did it out of will. I remember practicing to swim in my dreams and even driving.

I must say it's very rare for me to be able to do what I want in my dream. Also they don't last long I end up waking up soon after. I think this happens because in my mind I'm thinking "I hope I don't wake up" and after that I always end up waking from the dream. Probably from the excitement. You know that feeling you get, you try and cling on to a dream as it slithered away.. Bad times. Most of the time when I realise that I'm in a dream it tends to immediately turn into a nightmare. I didn't know I was able to turn the situation around so every time it happens I thought my only way is to wake up. I make a great effort trying to wake myself up. In my head I plead to myself to wake up. I become so desperate.

Sometimes I don't wake up the first time round but I'll think that I AM awake. This is because I end up dreaming about me in my own room.. the surrounding is the exact same as how my room is so I thought I really am awake. It's obvious it's like my mind is trying to trick me or something? It's only until creepy events happen in the room that I would be thinking, "wait a minute.. I'm not actually awake am I.." and I'm like this isn't real... and I blink like mad, give all my will to wake up and eventually I will. It's like in films, the actor/actress spring up waking from a bad nightmare. I jump up like that but I'm also in that sleepy mode that I could just lie back down and I'll be in deep sleep again. I know that if this happens the nightmare will just return to me like it always does. Why doesn't it happen to good dreams!? And the nightmare becomes worse, my chest tightens thinking about it. So what I do is do anything to take my mind off it, which tends to be playing with my phone, and then I go back to sleep and my nightmare goes away. I wake up in the morning and carry on life as normal, of course.

When I realise I'm only dreaming I feel a slight relief. But still, I'm afraid and I don't want it to continue, so I choose to leave the dream. I guess i'm running away from my fear? Lucidity actually makes nightmare increase terror and it will become 10x worse than not knowing.

There are no boundaries in what you can do in your lucid dreams. It's an interesting fact that you can actually learn to do it. It sounds crazy to me. I wish I would have more enjoyable and pleasant dreams rather than something I worry about day in day out.. I only realise I'm dreaming when something that is not possible occurs.

To have the ability to lucid dream at will, requires effort and motivation. If you have this topic in your mind apparantly it helps you lucid dream. If you would like to know more you should just type it into google or something there are many sources far too many to read. I do find it an interesting read.


Tootsie Jean said...

lucid dreaming= awesome
I wish I could control my actions in my dreams too

Sometimes I feel like that too. When I don't wanna wake up anymore but eventually, I'll wake up due to excitement.

I think lucid dreaming is related to the movie "Inception"


Obsession said...

Oh ~ I've heard of Inception. I never knew what it was about though^^. Not my type of film xd Thanks for your comment <3