Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Review: Bambi Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown [WMM-304]

Geo Bambi Brown lenses

Today I received the GEO lenses that I ordered from eyecandylens. These lenses are designed by Japan's top gal model Tsubasa MasuwakaThe Princess Mimi series comes in three colours: Chocolate Brown, Apple Green, Sesame Grey. Since the Bambi lenses are a new launch; not many online shops have them in stock. Eyecandylens was the first online shop I spotted that sold the princess mimi lenses so I got them from there. Occasionally they'll have discounts so be sure to check their twitter account.

This is my first time ordering circle lenses online. My first pair of circle lenses was in 2008 (I went and stocked up the second year I went back). I had bought 6 pairs of GEO lenses in HK they were doing a special offer and I was feeling ecstatic over it and bought more than I could wear and so it lasted me a good few years. I knew that it was time to buy new ones as my previous lenses were all 14mm in diameter. Even 14mm to me was a big WOW your eyes are huge and then I noticed they took it a step further and now 15mm?! A must try. :)

Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.7
Duration: 1 year disposable

I feel that the jump from 14mm to 15mm isn't as significant as I thought it would be - in appearance wise. But still, HUGE. I honestly can't imagine them bringing out 16mm because you'll have no white area left on your eyes! So these are already extra extra large to me.

I love, love, love the design. I find them very unique. The ring design really draws attention to your eyes. They definitely help you achieve the dolly look. Like most circle lenses if you don't wear make up with them you will look extremely beady eyed - more or less like an alien.

The first time I wore them I didn't find them very comfortable but I was able to tolerate them. I worn them for 4 hours and my eyes were dry and blood shot.. I feel more comfortable with circle lenses with a diameter of 14mm because I'm more used to them, I guess. The 14mm and 15mm diameter looks similar in size so I don't think it was necessary to make the diameter any bigger. 

Really I would give 5 stars if it wasn't for the comfort reason. Perhaps it would have been better if I used eye drops. Another con is that I also felt that my vision was restricted. It wasn't blurry, yet it wasn't clear. I do have very dry eyes to begin with which made it extra uncomfortable.

[Tsubasa Masuwaka and Funayama Kumiko]
Bambi Series Lens (Princess Mimi Lens)


★00★ said...

I've been curious to see the princess mimi lens! : )

Amy said...

Ooh, these lenses looks nice! :O

Thanks for the review (?) hehe :) Xxxx

suki pooki said...

Nice lenses and you're super super cute!!!!

Obsession said...

No problems :3

@Suki Pooki:
Aw thank you(=^-^=)

kokorochocosworld said...

thanks for the review .~*♥
I am still looking for the perfect circle lenses.
I search someone who are comfortable, give you an dolly look, but which i can wear without letting my eye looking too different. Can you recommend any? Or can you tell me which one are your favorite lenses ?(^ω^) ~

Obsession said...

The safest and most comfortable circle lenses that I have tried are possibly Acuvue circle lenses. But their design are quite plain and just for a little enlarging effect, if that's what you are looking for. I wear those ones when I'm going for the natural look and don't freak people out with the big monster eyed lens. Or you could try Freshlooks as they have a variety of designs.^^ Those are the safe big companies approved by opticians.